X-pens, also called “puppy exercise pens” or “exercise pens” are a series of eight connected 2-foot wide wire panels that come in various heightsl 24″, 30″ and 36″ being the most popular. X-pens can be set up any place you need them. Pens are cheaper than large cages, easier to clean, and much more like a home than a wire cage, which makes teaching house manners all that much easier. Keeping rabbits in an x-pen doesn’t mean your rabbits won’t need to be out to play for a minimum of 3-5 hours a day; and not everyone uses this option: many people simply allow their rabbits free run in the house, or at least the bunny-proofed rooms, all the time. Baby gates are also useful to keep rabbits in one room (or OUT of a room!).


  • Industrial, indoor/outdoor or “office” type carpeting (low weaves that bunny cannot chew) can be purchased at places like Home Depot, and sea grass or maize mats (from Cost Plus) make good flooring. No plastic or Astro Turf.
  • A litter box big enough for bunny to lie down in, filled with bunny-safe litter, which you as a dutiful friend will clean out once a day, or every other day. Wonderful, large litter boxes can be purchased inexpensively from Home Depot and like stores. They are called “cement mixers” (as seen in pics below) and are big enough to fill with litter and lots and lots of Zooh hay, in which bunny can munch and dig and snooze.
  • Food and water containers (heavy ceramic or attachable bowls), toys – and perhaps a box for bunny to hide in and chew upon.

An x-pen is a great place to leave your bunny when you are gone for the day, or for just a few hours. There is plenty of room for a pair of bunnies to play and move about, plus plenty of room for a litter box, toys and other necessities that make it a home.



When you’re home, simply open back one of the panels and out hop your little friends. Here, Puck poses for the photographer before scooting off to play in his KwikTube tunnel (Mousey is in the background). Don’t forget to slightly overlap and latch the panels when you close the pen. We use a bungie cord for this.


Mousey (top) investigates something from her basket & Puck plays with his Zooh BunnyBag. Note the huge litter/hay box (a cement mixer from Home Depot).


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