We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Thank you for considering a donation.  There are many ways to donate, and any contribution, big or small, is much appreciated. To see how your support helps, please visit our galleries of rescue, sanctuary, and success stories.

Ways to Donate

  • Send check or money order made payable to Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue – please contact us for details.
  • Send to on PayPal.
  • Contribute to the Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue account with Exotic Animal Care Center. Call (626)405-1777 and ask to contribute to Zooh Corner.
  • Use supporting merchants like Amazon Smile, goodsearch, and goodshop, where a portion of proceeds help Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue.

Zooh Corner's Amazon Wishlist

You can also purchase much-needed items for Zooh Corner from our Amazon Wishlist.  Don’t forget to sign in through Amazon Smile, and set up Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue as your charity of choice!

Alternatively, there are various things we constantly require to keep Zooh Corner running smoothly. Donating items or dropping off supplies would be a great help!

  • Paper towels
  • Litter (Clean ‘N Comfy, Yesterday’s News or Swheat Scoop) or newspaper
  • Litter boxes
  • Rabbit toys
  • Blue garbage bags from Smart & Final
  • Cloth towels (good condition – no holes)
  • Gift cards for Smart & Final, Costco, Target, Staples, and Home Depot
  • Fresh produce for rescued rabbits
  • NEW! Cottontail Cottage – discounted for Zooh Corner!

First off, if you’ve read the About Zooh Corner section you’ll already know we are a local no-kill, non profit animal rescue, rehabilitation and adoption organization. We work within YOUR community, saving lives, educating pet owners and making a difference where other people could not or would not.

Once a you have adopted a bunny from our organization you are a permanent member of the Zooh Family and you may call us at any time with questions about your bunnies, or just to tell us how things are going! Plus, we are always willing to talk to our contributors, to answer any questions they may have. We also like to hear YOUR IDEAS, whether they are about Bunny Rescue or about raising our much needed funding.

While the predominant amount of our work is done right here in San Gabriel, we get requests for information (by telephone and e-mail) from as far away as England, Iceland and Australia-and we respond ASAP-with the most updated information available to us. We feel that education-of both the general public and ourselves-is of the utmost importance to our mission, and we spend a large amount of time and energy on making sure we are as up to date as possible on all aspects of rabbit care. All of our informational papers and pamphlets are free to the public.

How Your Support Helps

Now the bit about money (you knew it was coming): At Zooh Corner we spend thousands of dollars a year out of our own pockets just for the basics: food, litter, housing, spays & neuters, and other critical medical expenses. That is above and beyond the help of many wonderful sponsors. The more help we get-and that means you-the more bunnies we can save, and the more education programs we can implement.

Where do your dollars go? Ninety nine percent (99%) of your dollars (plus a heck of a lot of ours!) go directly to the bunnies. The largest portion of money, of course, is taken up by the basics: food, litter, housing & housing materials (we make a lot of our own cages and runs), as well as spays/neuters and other regular and emergency medical care (all performed by our wonderful and very helpful vets at Exotic Animal Care Center). The other one percent (1%) helps pay for advertising and/or a smattering of office supplies (stamps, paper, etc.). These figures are for the moment based upon very positive conjecture (we are a hopeful bunch!), as most of the money comes from us. Our eventual goals include setting up a Rabbit Spay/Neuter Supplemental Fund (in the works) and a more vigorous and widespread educational campaign (including schools and libraries). NONE OF THIS CAN HAPPEN WITHOUT YOUR HELP! Please-help us do more. Help save more bunny lives.

You’ll automatically be entered on our mailing list (we take your privacy seriously, and do not share any personal information) and will receive an issue of our latest newsletter, as well as periodic updates on upcoming Zooh Events.

While money is crucial to running any rescue, there are many opportunities available if you want to Help The Bunnies in other ways.

Our current and future bunnies thank you!

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