Rabbit Care Seminars

Free Rabbit Care Seminars 2014

013In 2014, Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue presented Free Rabbit Care Seminars at Exotic Animal Care Center. All seminars offered a $25 Healthy Pet Exam for your rabbit, guinea pig, or chinchilla, where all proceeds went to benefit Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue.

  • Rabbit Basics (presented January 19, 2014) – Learn about basic rabbit care – diet, home environment, basic grooming, husbandry, and handling.
  • Rabbit 911 (presented March 16, 2014) – Learn how to identify and care for a sick bunny, including assessment, taking temperatures, syringe feeding, giving injections, and more.
  • What’s for Dinner (presented May 25, 2014) – Learn about the importance of diet – hay, pellets (or no pellets?), greens, fruits, and treats.
  • Does my Rabbit Need Braces? (presented July 20, 2014) – Learn about rabbit dental diseases and treatments, and how to keep your bunny’s teeth in good shape.
  • Common Rabbit Diseases & Illnesses (presented September 21, 2014) – Learn about symptoms and treatments of common diseases and conditions such as e. cuniculi, rhinitis, head tilt, and more.
  • Elderly Rabbits & Disabled Rabbits (presented November 16, 2014) – Learn how to help your aging or disabled rabbit live happily and comfortably.

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