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Goodbye to Herman

Please say a prayer and send love to Zooh Corner Sanctuary Rabbits, Davey Jones and Herman. Kevin and I. . .and Herman. . .well, we know it is time to say goodbye to Herman (white). His condition worsens by the

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Compassion Fatigue

Regina Lizik of BarkPost has written a compelling article about compassion fatigue, the emotional exhaustion caused by the stress of caring for traumatized or suffering animals or people.  In her article, she describes the devastating effect that compassion fatigue, or

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Binky in Peace, Cinnamon Blue

Binky In Peace and in Joy, Cinnamon Blue. Cinnamon Blue was Kevin’s girl and she knew it. She loved her daddy and loved to cuddle with him. Even while hospitalized she perked up when he came into the room. And

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Cinnamon Blue

Cinnamon Blue came to Zooh Corner in April, 2013.  She was abandoned by her humans when they vacated their home. We got a call that a rabbit was left unattended in a cage outdoors, and was in need of immediate rescue.

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Goodbye to Tuxedo

It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of much loved Zooh Corner Sanctuary Bunny, Tuxedo. His time was too short with us, but he stole our hearts and we are grateful we were able to get to

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Zooh in Review – 2014

2014 has come and gone, and Zooh Corner looks back at some highlights from this past year.  Many thanks to all our volunteers and supporters who make this all possible. Here’s to a hoppy 2015, where we look forward to helping

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Goodbye to Pork Chop

“My heart has joined the thousands, for my friend stopped running today.” On Monday last, my dear friend (and Zooh Corner VP) Susan, and I said goodbye to Pork Chop. Pork Chop was Susan’s and Sum’s first rabbit, the first

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Chocy Memorial Fund

Earlier this week, we said goodbye to our lovely Sanctuary bun Count Chocula, who has become quite a celebrity around Zooh Corner.  He was even gaining notoriety in the rabbit community abroad! We have started a memorial gofundme campaign raising funds

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RIP Count Chocula

Our hearts are broken today. It is with so much sadness that I must tell you all that Chocy went to The Bridge. I promised him I would listen, that I would not keep him here just for me, that

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Count Chocula

Count “Chocy” Chocula was an elder bun who was due to be put to sleep at the shelter on July 29, 2013 – the very day we rescued him. It took some convincing, but we got him and we are glad

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