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Goodbye to Bueller

We are broken-hearted to let you all know that we had to say goodbye to Bueller. I was pretty sure this would be the outcome, but we always have hope and want to try our best for them. I don’t

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Rescued Hotel Bunny

Yesterday, we saw a post on Craigslist, advertising a “Free Bunny”.  The post sounded suspicious and troubling, but we reached out out and rescued this lovely little man.  At first glance he seemed to be in good condition, but after spending

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Rabbit Health Lecture July 17

Coming up in just a few weeks is our next lecture in our 2016 series – Enhancing Quality of Life of Disabled Rabbits.  Pre-purchase your healthy pet exams and spa grooming now from our Eventbrite listing! Day-to-day care of disabled and

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Rufus’s Chronic UTI and Fever

Rufus was brought in to Exotic Animal Care Center today to see our awesome Dr Kanfer, because he was feeling punky. Earlier in the week he spiked a huge fever along with a recurrent UTI. Fluids and antibiotics and overnight

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Big Day at the Vet

Many bunnies seen today. Elderly bunnies, special needs bunnies. . . Much loved Sanctuary Rabbits! Who was seen? Baby Jasper, Edwinna Jones, Caramel, Doc Holliday, Floki and Jabba. Whew! Baby Jasper -recheck: abscess site looking good, teeth ok but needing

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Luigi the Lemon


Luigi the Lemon (his Mob name) was rescued from the Lancaster Animal Shelter on August 2, 2014.  He was named in memory of two Zooh Corner bunnies, Button Man and Tucker, who came from a rescued group of white Netherlands that Dr

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Luigi’s Health Issues

These are not one of the days of rescue to which any of us look forward. Our little Lemon is very ill, no matter which side of the coin we flip. We brought him in today because he had lost

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Double Donor March

IT’S DOUBLE DONOR MARCH! From now until February 29, all donations up to $1000 will be doubled! Please don’t OVERLOOK the Zooh Corner bunnies—donate today and it will be DOUBLED! **We are super poor this month – fundraising is always

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Update from Alexander Small

From the paw of Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary Rabbit Alexander Small Hey guys, it’s me again, Smally. Look how much I am eating! Everyone tells me I’m cute. (Achoooo!) Do you think I’m cute? I really do feel better, but

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Double Donor Time

It’s DOUBLE DONOR TIME at Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue! We REALLY need your support this month. December and January are very low donation months and this month’s double donor is smaller than usual, as two contributing donors are dealing with

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