Emergency Moving Funds Needed for Zooh Corner


5344d248-4f1e-4b7c-9733-9621930883b1_profileThe owners of our current property have given us notice to vacate.  Their son has recently married and he and his wife will be moving here. We need to be out by August 31st.

We are devastated. After the last move, a little over two years ago, we thought we would be here for at least 5 years.  We adore this place. It is perfect for the bunnies. . .and us humans.

The good news is that we’ve already found a place. It’s in Arcadia, so still super close to Exotic Animal Care Center (a must, as I spend so many of my days there with various bunnies). The owner is okay with the rabbits, there is adequate space, lots of storage for Zooh Corner (storage sheds, hay, pens, event supplies, etc), and some space for bunny sitting (my side job which helps pay the bills).  We may even be able to hold some private fundraisers here.

BOY has rent gone up since we last looked. That we were able to secure a place that is close to what we currently pay, that still has adequate space–and accepts bunnies—was more than a minor miracle. We were turned down for four other places. We were panicking.

Total deposit for this place is two months rent PLUS two months deposit (plus charge for keys and remote $300), for a whopping $11,100.


  • TOTAL DEPOSIT $11,100
  • $1200.00 Pet Deposit (it’s for a lot of bunnies, that’s pretty reasonable, really)
  • $1300  For preparation of new place/proofing supplies, repairs on current property—as well as funds to towards normal (August) monthly fundraiser (to help cover hay, greens, medications, etc).

Funds are needed by August 1st, 2017.

Please help us.  No amount is too small.

**This Fundraiser Takes The Place Of Our Normal Monthly Fundraising Campaign**

Thank you so much for your help!!

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Rehoming Needed for Winnipeg Area Cats

The mother of a Zooh Corner volunteer has recently passed away, and she left several cats who urgently need to find new homes.  These cats meant the world to her, and we hope that you can help find them a loving home.

Both cats have recently had vet checkups, are fixed, and are in good health.  They are in the Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada area.

If you are interested in adopting, please contact us.

Ginger (F)

GingerGinger is a longhair, and I believe a Nowegian Forest Cat.  She is approximately 12 to 15 years old, and is super sweet.  Ginger affectionate and grateful for human companionship.

Ginger was not socialized with other cats, so it’s hard to say how well she will get along with other cats.  However, she is very kind and social, so she should have no trouble integrating with an existing family cat or cats.



Muffy (F)

Muffy is a little timid, but warms up when you give her some patience.  A super cute black and orange tortoiseshell shorthair, Muffy is somewhere between 10 to 16 years old.  Her previous owner opted to give her a daily thyroid supplement as a preventative measure, and she is otherwise is in great health.

She is quite active and creative, and enjoys exploring and finding places to hide.


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Rabbit care Seminar July 23

Rabbit Care Seminar July 2017Our next free rabbit care seminar will be Sunday, July 23, and covers cancer in pet rabbits.

Dr. Lebrecque will talk to us about different types of cancers in rabbits, as well as signs of cancer, prevention, treatment options, advances in pet oncology – and end-of-life care.

Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue presents Free Rabbit Care Seminars 2017 at Exotic Animal Care Center, 2121 E. Foothill Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107.

Join hosts Dr. Sari Kanfer of Exotic Animal Care Center and Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue Founder Cat Logsdon for this FREE educational series covering a wide range of topics related to rabbit care and health! All seminars will take place from noon to 3 pm.

All seminars will offer $30 Healthy Pet exams for rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and other small mammals. That’s a savings of more than $50, and thanks to the generosity of Dr. Kanfer, all proceeds benefit Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue. EXAM SLOTS ARE LIMITED. Animals who are ill need to be seen during regular business hours (unless arrangements made prior). Emergencies will be referred to approved excotics veterinarians.

The Zooh Store will be on hand with fresh hays, toys, supplies, and goodies for sale. Spa-style grooming will be available at most events. Also, ask about adoptions and bunny dates.

Get your tickets on our EventBrite site.

NOTE: Parking lot is required for AM Emergency Clinic. Please park on the street.

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SoCal Summer Heat Warning

055Summer is here, and Zooh Corner wants to remind you to keep your bunnies cool, as high temperatures can be very dangerous to their heath.  The best situation for a rabbit is an indoor, air-conditioned home on days when the temperature is over 78 degrees.

Some additional tips:

  • Avoid housing your rabbit in direct sunlight, and ensure the area is well-ventilated
  • Never keep your rabbit in the garage
  • Use fans when possible to help with airflow
  • Place bottles or cartons of ice near your bunny
    • Stock up on ice bottles by storing spare water bottles in the freezer
  • Provide plenty of fresh, clean drinking water
  • If food gets wet (via misters, etc.) change immediately/daily to avoid life-threatening mold

While preventative measures generally keep bunny comfortable, sometimes a danger-situation still arises.  If you notice that bunny is panting, drooling, or listless – immedate action is needed.  Dampen ears with a mister or washcloth, put him next to a bottle of ice, and take him to the vet, ASAP. Extreme heat can cause the brain to swell (among other things) and bunny could very well die a very painful death.

For the full article, see The Dangers of Summer

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Double Donor July!

Double Donor July 2017La la la la la la la la HOP HOP HOP!!
Let’s dance!
And donate!
🎈🐇All donations will be doubled up by our generous ((and also super awesome)) ((and cute)) sponsors! 🐇🎈

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Contra Costa Rabbit Rescue Needs Your Help.

Contra Costa

Contra Costa Rabbit Rescue is a small, 501(c)(3) non profit community service organization that rescues rabbits from shelters in Contra Costa county in California, provides needed medical care and socialization, then finds indoor homes for them. We are currently raising funds for incisor removal surgery for four special bunnies: Andromeda, Astro, Pugsley, and Jean Gray.

We could use a little help from any bunny tooth fairies out there. Can you help us? If you can, please go to our donation page at http://www.ccrronline.org/donate. Please indicate that your donation is for the Tooth Fairy fund. Thank you!

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Double Donor May!

Double Donor May 2017It’s DOUBLE DONOR time!

Goal $1000  (Which will be $2k, which means we can pay off our hay and feed the bill entirely 😄, purchase some necessary medications and take care of basic monthly overhead.)

Goal $1000

Donations $410

Need $590

Ends Wednesday at midnight

💰Please help us make our goal. Our double donor is what keeps us going month to month and year to year.💰


*Be sure to follow Fred’s photo and video album to keep up to date on his progress: https://www.facebook.com/alexandra.logsdon/media_set…

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PetSave Foundation Adoptions Needed

petsave final daysURGENT

🐰The PetSave Bunnies need our help!🐰

They have been given a final date to be out of their facility. June 30.

They still have 22 Rabbits needing excellent homes.

Please!? If you are considering adopting any time with the next millennium, DO IT NOW!

Contact PetSave.

Adopt NOW.

Go to their adoption day.

❤️If you know for sure you are ready to adopt, Contact them now and get prescreened so you can just go and pick out your new family members!❤️

This is one of those times when we need all of our bunny warriors to stand up and help.

And please help spread the word.

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Fred Rescued and Safe

18300831_10212642043351201_4985465327739671667_nPlease welcome Fred to Zooh Corner.  This little guy made the trip down to us from Kings County Animal Control.  Many thanks to them for helping him with the trip, as one of their techs drove down to Bakersfield and brought Fred along for us.

As soon as he arrived, we got him in to see Dr. Sarah Wills of Exotic Animal Care Center.  His poor eyes and ears are quite a mess. Quite painful. He is not a happy or comfortable bunny, but we will change that. So much infection. So much so that we couldn’t even see if he has a left eyeball, but we are assuming it’s there. Will need to give the medication some time to take effect, then do a recheck, to see what else is going on.

His blood work looked good and so do his x-rays. There appears to be a little arthritis in one of his back knees. You can see on x-rays of his skull that his back teeth are a little uneven and he has some slightly long upper tooth roots. You can also see that there are inflamed pockets of pus at the base of both ears.

He was pretty stressed out today from the drive and from his vet trip. Poor guy. 😢We can certainly understand.

The shelter had him listed as about two years old but we think he’s probably five to seven years old. Will reassess when he is feeling better and the infection is gone.  He will need to return for a recheck and recheck x-rays – to look at his ears and have another peek at his teeth.

Stay tuned for further updates.

His vet bill came out to just under $1000  We can definitely use your donations!


  • On vet account (626)405-1777
  • PayPal account zoohcorner@mybunny.org

Thank you all for your love, prayers, donations and support!

Shout out to Debbie Diederich. Thanks for the lovely fresh greens! You’re so thoughtful❤️

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Seminar on Bunny Blood Tests and Xrays May 21

2017 May SeminarWhen your bunny is sick, he/she can’t tell you what is wrong. Blood tests, X-rays, fecal cultures, urine tests and even ultrasounds may be needed to assess his or her internal organ function and tell us more about what is wrong. Dr. Kanfer will talk to us about the kinds of situations that call for these diagnostics, what we can learn from them and how they can help form a more complete treatment plan.

On Sunday, May 21, we are having our next free rabbit health seminar at Exotic Animal Care Center.

There will be $30 healthy pet examinations for rabbits, chinnchillas, guinea pigs and other small mammals. There will also be aromatherapy grooming sessions for $15 each and the Zooh Corner Store will be there with lots of hay and toys for your beloved pets!

As always, many thanks to Dr Sari Kanfer and Exotic Animal Care Center for hosting these events – this is our fifth year ad we’re still having fun.

Pick up your tickets on Eventbrite, and we hope to see you and your bunnies there!


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