Double Donor March

2017-03 Double DonorSUPER LATE Double Donor! Way behind.

YIKES! We’ve been super busy rescuing special needs bunnies over the last few weeks and I totally forgot to post the monthly Double Donor!

Please spread the word and encourage friends to help out. Even a few dollars makes a big difference! <3

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Medical Care for Rescued Splay Leg Bunny

18269596_1487237404.6981Saved in the nick of time. This baby was on his way to deadly Inland Valley Humane in just a day or two.

A young boy and his family bought this bunny when he was teeny tiny. Now he’s about 5 months old, splay-legged, the kid doesn’t want to deal with him—and the parents are not about to do the right thing and care for the bunny for life. Their intent was to dump him at a high kill shelter when they left town in a day or two.

Enter Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue and our amazing foster families and bunny is now SAFE. . .and we are so SO happy.

Please help us  raise $600 to cover his initital medical care – incuding radiographs, bloodwork, basic exam.

We aim to do the best for this little special needs baby and getting a good comprehensive medical exam at Exotic Animal Care Center is the place to start.

Please help this little guy if you can!

Help spread the word!
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Help the Pet Save Bunnies

1844483787540616819-account_id=1Hey friends…very urgent situation here! Please read and help!

In light of the recent passing of this wonderfully compassionate, kind and beautiful soul, Bona Tucker’s life’s work was Pet Save Foundation and the more than 100 domestic rabbits who relied on her to be their champion and friend. Not only did the rescue world lose one of our most beloved rescuers, the whole world lost a decent and lovely woman during a time when we need all the wonderful people we can possibly muster. Please be one of those people and help Kimberly and the volunteers at Pet Save Foundation find save haven for these rabbits who are now at risk of losing the only safe home they know.

Please donate, share and then share some more because we don’t have much time to ensure these beautiful creatures make it safely to loving foster or adoptive homes and other shelters ready to take over their care.

In memory of one of the truly good ones. <3 Bona <3


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Urgent Temporary Foster Needed

16406457_10211767455207044_3230145708737739317_nI need a temporary foster home for this rabbit. He has severe dental issues and is at a shelter.

I need somebody fairly local with transportation. Need foster until the middle of March, at the latest, perhaps the earlier.

He reminds me so much of Chocy, our old man Count Chocula who is now at the Bridge.

Please, won’t somebody Foster him for me? He will need to see the vet to have dental work done, so transportation is a must.

Again, it is only Foster. I will have space opened in the middle of March.

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Double Donor February

double donor Feb 2017Cherries are red 🍒
Shipwrecks are blue 🍹
It’s Double Donor Time 💰
Here at the Zooh 🐇🐰🐰🐇🐇🐰

🌹🌹🌹Will YOU be our Valentine?🌹🌹🌹


💰HELP! With all the political posts happening right now our double donor plea is getting buried. Please help! If you cannot donate, please help spread the word. And please COMMENT here….to help this post be seen by more bunny lovers.

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Dumbledore Update


Some much needed happy news! Dumbledore, the bunny who is bitten by a cat on his ear and nearly died, was just given a clean bill of health! His ear is almost 100% healed, he’s not going to lose it, and it looks like he has many happy healthy bunny years ahead of him!

Thank you so much to are awesome vet, Dr. Sari Kanfer, and to his Sanctuary mama, Kate Hays, for the terrific TLC. Good job getting our boy well! <3


If you would like to donate to help other Sanctuary Rabbits, like Dumbledore, you can donate via PayPal, or directly on our vet accounts at Exotic Animal Care Center, 626 405- 1777

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Memorial for Bona Tucker

16266149_1229398663772319_283882690631780477_nPetSave Foundation is hosting a memorial for Bona Tucker, a long-time rabbit rescuer.  From their Facebook post:


PLEASE JOIN US!! Celebration of Life
Bona Howard -Tucker
January 26, 1957 –January 2017

Where: PetSave Foundation, 14009 Crenshaw Blvd. Hawthorne, Ca.
Time: Saturday 28, at 4pm – 9:30pm
Attire: Casual, Colorful and no black.
In Lieu Of Flowers Please Help Support Bona’s Bunnies

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Goodbye to Bona Tucker

1844483787540616819-account_id=1My Heart Has Joined the Thousand

It is with tears and immense sadness that I write of the passing of a much-loved animal advocate. Early this morning, Bona Tucker, the founder of PetSave Foundation, lost her battle with AML Leukemia.

Bona was a truly good and lovely human. She was fun, witty, and above all an immensely dedicated and compassionate rescuer. She saved many animal lives, but of course her true love was the bunnies. Her death is a tremendous loss for the animals and the rescue world. I am truly honored to have called her friend.

Rest in peace, Bona, and binky with the bunnies. You are loved by many. . .and you will be very much missed.

“My heart has joined the thousand, for my friend stopped running today.”
– Richard Adams, Watership Down

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Dr. Jan Steele’s Memorial Service

1852667779993821550-account_id=1Dr. Jan Steele’s memorial service will be held on Saturday, January 28th, 5:30PM – 8PM

The memorial will be held at The Canoe House, in Pasadena. A private room has been reserved.

The Canoe House is located at 805 Fair Oaks Avenue, Pasadena, 91030

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Baby Jasper’s Dental Needs

15966166_10211561357654734_7473694853121682233_nBABY JASPER is having issues with his jaw and molars again. He’s very unhappy, hasn’t done a binky in a couple days, and it hurts to eat properly so we are syringe feeding him.

He has ongoing jaw abscess/dental issues and has tried to crash on us before so we took him to see Dr Kanfer today.  As usual, Baby K had overgrown molars, on the upper left, due to a missing molar on the lower left. This time ’round his incisors were longer than usual, the lower ones. Both of those have been taken care of while under sedation. He goes back in two weeks, after this adjustment, for probable sedation and more work on the back/molars. Today was just about relief and getting things a bit more in alignment. Definitely got him in before any abscessing. Still, owie.

His bill This bill does not include the multiple radiographs of his skull, which will be another 200 plus dollars. Probably about 260. It also does not include the molar step or the filing of the incisors. More bills to come.


On Vet Account (626)405-1777 (preferred)
Exotic Animal Care Center


ALL donations really do make a difference. Please help Baby Jasper if you can.

Will update tomorrow.

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