Double Donor December 2017

CHRISTMAS DOUBLE DONOR!december double donor

Please be generous Santas. . . the bunnies love visiting the vet and we have lots of bills to pay. 🙂😳❤️🎄

❤️🐇❤️IMPORTANT NOTE: Because of the move this summer we were unable to hold the Summer of BunLove fundraiser we were planning. We generally host one large fundraiser a year, in addition to our bi-monthly educational events. Our inability to do this is greatly affected us financially, and that plus the move has made things pretty tough.

We have a huge outstanding vet bill that we need to pay down by early January or we will lose our discounted financial privileges. This means we need to raise an additional $4000, approximately.

Your donation to this fundraiser and donations beyond this fundraiser make all the difference. If you would like to help us pay down our vet bill, please send me a private message. We can really use the help.We absolutely cannot do it without you.

Once again, thank you all so much for your continued generous support. You truly are Zooh Corner and we are blessed to have you as a part of our Rescue Family.❤️🐇❤️


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Thank you!

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Christmas Bunny Boutique 2017

Pasadena CA
Sunday, December 10th

December 2017 3

🎄🐇🎄Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue🎄🐇🎄

Please join us! We will be hosting a Bunny Christmas Boutique on December 10th at the new location of the Exotic Animal Veterinary Center at 171 North Altadena Drive, Suite 120 in Pasadena, CA Stop in for any or all of these great activities listed below:

🐇Doctor Talk “Rabbit Emergencies” at 1pm
Dr Sarah Wills

🐇🐇Low Cost Healthy Bunny Exams after the talk
Dr Sarah Wills AND Dr Sari Kanfer

🐇🐇🐇Aromatherapy Grooming 12-3pm
Aaron, Kate and Gretchen

🐇🐇🐇🐇 New Facilities Tour of EAVC 11:15 – 12:30

Also come for the:

🎄 Raffles 🎄Wildlife Education Table 🎄Christmas Bunny Boutique 🎄Bake Sale🎄


🐇🐇Meet Some Of Our Elderly and Special Needs Sanctuary Rabbits!🐇🐇
❤️CLEMENTINE SMALL & DOPEY “The One Dollar Bunny”

We really hope to see you there!

December 2017

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Baldwin Park Emergency – Urgent Need for Fosters/Sanctuaries/Adoptions

23472113_678644105669476_8767344932081540498_nEMERGENCY!!!!! The Baldwin Park county animal shelter in Southern California, has had two groups of rabbits dumped in the past three days! There are over 43 rabbits at the shelter. All under one year in age. Some are only a few months old!! The shelter only has room for 8 rabbits!!! These bunnies are in imminent danger! The shelter is asking for help placing these bunnies with rescue groups or good forever homes!! Please share and get the word out!! These rabbits need your help!! Baldwin Park Animal Shelter 4275 North Elton Street Baldwin Park, CA 91706 Phone: (626) 962-3577

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Prevent Cruelty California

Prevent Cruelty California

Right now there is a very important measure being organized to end the extreme confinement of farm animals in California called Prevent Cruelty California.  Zooh Corner wants to encourage support for their initiative to create common-sense laws that will address cruelty towards farm animals, improve food safety, help protect the environment, promote responsible farming and establish modest sales standards.

It is common sense that forcing animals to live in a tightly confined space for their entire lives is cruel and unsafe. We can be better.

Prevent Cruelty California needs support in 3 main ways:

  1. They need to collect 500,000 signatures of California Voters,
  2. They need volunteers to gather signatures and
  3. Donations to support the initiative.

If you can help in any of these ways, please go to their website at and read about what they are working to accomplish.



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Goodbye Carrot


Carrot, a Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue alumnus, went to The Bridge today. He lived a long and happy life and was much loved by Kate and Keith Hays.

No matter how long a friend is with us it is never easy to say goodbye. We are so sorry for your loss, Kate and Keith. Thank you for adopting this sweet little man and giving him a good life full of love.

Binky In Peace, Carrot. You are loved and you will be missed. ❤️

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Double Donor November 2017


Double Donor NOVEMBER!

All donations, up to $900, made now through midnight, OCTOBER 30th, will be doubled by our generous sponsors!



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Rabbit Lecture Rescheduled, Exams and Grooming Only on Oct 15

October 201 reschedule


The RABBIT EMERGENCIES lecture scheduled for Sunday, October 15th, at Exotic Animal Care Center, is being rescheduled.

LOW COST EXAMS AND GROOMING are still scheduled for that day from 2PM to 4PM. You may RSVP via Eventbrite or come as a walk-in.

To recap: The lecture is being rescheduled (TBA) but the low cost exams and aromatherapy grooming will go on – from 2PM-4PM on Sunday, October 15th, at Exotic Animal Care Center.

If you have any questions, please contact Cat Logsdon at

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October Double Donor

Double Donor October 2017Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue DOUBLE DONOR TIME!!

Our monthly Double Donor is what keeps us running. With our recent move and MANY subsequent veterinary bills, we are really really struggling right now. For reals. . .it’s a little scary.

All donations will be doubled–and all donations will be appreciated. . .to infinity and beyond!! <3



❤️🐇❤️THANK YOU!❤️🐇❤️


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Rehoming Needed for SoCal Bunnies

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Update 2017-11-06 – These bunnies have found a loving home!  Thank you for your support.

Emma Gatti is a good friend of Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue, who will be returning home to Italy this fall to begin searching abroad for career opportunities.

Emma is heartbroken that her two wonderful bunnies, Penny and Django, will be unable to come along with her during this uncertain time in her life.  She as asked Zooh Corner for assistance in searching for a loving new family for them.  They are a bonded,  altered male/female pair, are in great health, and are absolutely wonderful housemates.  We’ve house-sat Penny and Django before, and they are great little bunnies with wonderful personalities.



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September Double Donor

rp_18269596_1487237404.6981-300x200.jpgPssssst. It’s DOUBLE DONOR time!

Back to our monthly fundraiser and OMB can we use your support this month!😳🐇😳

Our amazing sponsors will DOUBLE ALL DONATIONS, up to $1000, made before midnight, Tuesday 8/29!!

On behalf of the Sanctuary Rabbits you see here (and those are not pictured here), and the huge move we are in the middle of, please consider a generous donation today!



❤️🐇❤️THANK YOU!❤️🐇❤️

*No flier this month. My MacBook will not let me login. Yikes.

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