May Double Donor!

2017-04 - May Double DonorOnly a few days to go! We are one quarter of the way there. We can do this!

Every dollar counts and every dollar is doubled. Please donate to help the Zooh Corner Sanctuary Rabbits!

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Friends Helping Friends – Pippin

I don’t typically share a personal fundraisers, but I know Kate and her mom, Richele, personally and I know the work they do. They take in many needy and disabled rabbits and give them a lovely home.

Pippen is a special little guy and he needs help ASAP.


With an already large outstanding vet bill they can use any help they can get for this sweet little guy.  All donations are good donations, no matter the amount.

Thank you. 🖤🐇🖤

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Goodbye Edwinna


Little Black Cloud, Fast Eddie (she sold used cars), Angry Eddie. . .so many nicknames, so much personality. We miss so much already – Clementine, Daddy and I. But it was time for you to go and be with Davey Jones and Clyde. And I can picture you all, a tiny happy little trio, with a bossy little girl-bunny taking care of the boys.

Thank you for loving so many in your special, bossy, grumpy way. You were a good little nurse-wife to Davey Jones and Clyde (even though you had no worries about knocking their little tilty-headed butts right over when there were oats to be had). And thank you for loving Clementine. I think she was your heart bunny, really, even though you chased her around sometimes. As old and frail as you were (12-13yrs), you were still the BOSS. But a cuddly and loving one, right?

 Our ‘Little Widows’

🐇Binky In Peace, little one. You are very much loved and very much missed.🐇

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Double Donor April

April double donor


 Look at all the cute, special needs bunnies you and our sponsors continue to help

ALL donations matter. ALL donations will be doubled up to $850!

Please help us meet our goal for April!  Double donor will be running until March 31st and any amount helps.

Thank you.

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Goodbye Thalia


We are heartbroken that we had to say good-bye to our sweet, tough, amazing little Thalia today. She has gone to be with her first husbun, Tombo. Susan, Dopey and I were with her, and her passing was peaceful and quick.

Thalia was a little street urchin when she first came to live at Zooh Corner. Found hopping the streets of Hollywood, she was a tiny little spitfire and that only changed, and not completely, when she became ill. Her little husband, Tombo, who left us last year, was extremely shy and she was always very protective and affectionate with him. When Tombo left us, eight year old Dopey (The One Dollar Bunny) came to live with Thalia. He was about twice the size of her, but they were very cute happy little couple.

Good-bye, little one. Give Tombo our love and hop and play and kick up your heels. You’re free now.

Binky In Peace, Thalia. You are loved and you will be missed.

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Seminar on Disorders of the Rabbit Urinary Tract a Success

March seminar 1 Our first education seminar of the year was a total success thanks to an extremely informative talk on disorders of the rabbit urinary tract by Exotic Animal Care Center’s newest staff veterinarian, Dr. Laurence Labrecque. We are also super grateful for the time she put in doing the Healthy Bunny exams. Zooh Corner takes pride in helping to keep our local bunny community informed AND healthy. Lots of great information came from both her talk and from the healthy bunny exams.

Special thanks to our tireless (and furry) groomer extraordinaire, Aaron Warren (could his last name be more appropriate?).

As always, many thanks to Dr Sari Kanfer and Exotic Animal Care Center for hosting these events – this is our fifth year ad we’re still having fun!

Keep looking for our 2017 schedule. It should be out in a couple weeks. We’re looking forward to another exciting year of educational events!
Hope to see you and your bunnies there in May! And don’t forget – your piggies and chins are also welcome.

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Free Rabbit Seminars 2017!

Rabbit Seminar 2017-03-19Back by popular demand, we’re hosting a series of free rabbit health seminars!

First up, urinary tract disorders on March 19 at Exotic Animal Care Center – 2121 E. Foothill Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107.

Urinary tract infections, sludge, stones, chronic bladder issues, and more. Most of us have dealt with at least one of these issues with our rabbits, and those who haven’t may fear it. Dr. Laurence Lebrecque of Exotic Animal Care Center will talk to us about the causes, cures, prevention (and sometimes maintenance) of these issues. This is a great chance to meet Dr. Lebrecque, Exotic Animal Care’s fabulous new vet (if you haven’t already)!

Join hosts Dr. Sari Kanfer of Exotic Animal Care Center and Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue Founder Cat Logsdon for this FREE educational series covering a wide range of topics related to rabbit care and health! All seminars will take place from noon to 3 pm.

All seminars will offer $30 Healthy Pet exams for rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and other small mammals. That’s a savings of more than $50, and thanks to the generosity of Dr. Kanfer, all proceeds benefit Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue. EXAM SLOTS ARE LIMITED. Animals who are ill need to be seen during regular business hours (unless arrangements made prior). Emergencies will be referred to approved exotics veterinarians.

The Zooh Store will be on hand with fresh hays, toys, supplies, and goodies for sale. Spa-style grooming will be available at most events. Also, ask about adoptions and bunny dates.

NOTE: Parking lot is required for AM Emergency Clinic. Please park on the street.

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Double Donor March

2017-03 Double DonorSUPER LATE Double Donor! Way behind.

YIKES! We’ve been super busy rescuing special needs bunnies over the last few weeks and I totally forgot to post the monthly Double Donor!

Please spread the word and encourage friends to help out. Even a few dollars makes a big difference! <3

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Medical Care for Rescued Splay Leg Bunny

18269596_1487237404.6981Saved in the nick of time. This baby was on his way to deadly Inland Valley Humane in just a day or two.

A young boy and his family bought this bunny when he was teeny tiny. Now he’s about 5 months old, splay-legged, the kid doesn’t want to deal with him—and the parents are not about to do the right thing and care for the bunny for life. Their intent was to dump him at a high kill shelter when they left town in a day or two.

Enter Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue and our amazing foster families and bunny is now SAFE. . .and we are so SO happy.

Please help us  raise $600 to cover his initital medical care – incuding radiographs, bloodwork, basic exam.

We aim to do the best for this little special needs baby and getting a good comprehensive medical exam at Exotic Animal Care Center is the place to start.

Please help this little guy if you can!

Help spread the word!
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Help the Pet Save Bunnies

1844483787540616819-account_id=1Hey friends…very urgent situation here! Please read and help!

In light of the recent passing of this wonderfully compassionate, kind and beautiful soul, Bona Tucker’s life’s work was Pet Save Foundation and the more than 100 domestic rabbits who relied on her to be their champion and friend. Not only did the rescue world lose one of our most beloved rescuers, the whole world lost a decent and lovely woman during a time when we need all the wonderful people we can possibly muster. Please be one of those people and help Kimberly and the volunteers at Pet Save Foundation find save haven for these rabbits who are now at risk of losing the only safe home they know.

Please donate, share and then share some more because we don’t have much time to ensure these beautiful creatures make it safely to loving foster or adoptive homes and other shelters ready to take over their care.

In memory of one of the truly good ones. <3 Bona <3


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