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Rabbit Diet and Nutrition
What to feed your bunny for a long and healthy life

General Diet Info
Amount & type of feed for different ages of bunnies


Baby Bunnies
How to care for newborn baby rabbits

Caring for the Partially Paralyzed Rabbit
Tips and techniques on long-term care of paralyzed rabbits

Dental Care
Cat Logsdon and Dr. Sari Kanfer, DVM, give tips on keeping your rabbit’s mouth healthy

Dental Problems in Rabbits
Dr. Sari Kanfer, DVM, gives an illustrated overview of the rabbit’s mouth and information on dental problems and treatments

E. Cuniculi Warning
Possible negative effects of drugs commonly used to treat rabbits with positive e.cuniculi titers

Emergency Care
How to deal with various rabbit emergencies

Emergency Kit
Items to keep in your rabbit emergency kit

General Health
Health concerns for rabbits (general)

How to keep your bunny looking (and feeling) spiffy

Grooming Long-Haired Rabbits
How to groom your long-haired rabbit

Home Health Exam
To keep your bunny happy and healthy, it is important to stay alert of potential issues. Follow along with this list at home to keep on top of your bunny’s health.

Litter Dangers
How the type of litter you use can affect the heath and happiness of your rabbit

Local Rabbit Vets
A list of rabbit veterinarian recommendations

Common mites (arachnids) of rabbits and their treatment

Necropsy Saves Lives
Although a tough subject, a necropsy could mean the life of other bunnies, including your own.

Nursing your Rabbit through GI Stasis
Causes, symptoms, and effective treatment of gastrointestinal (GI) stasis

Rabbit Home Health Exam
Dr. Sari Kanfer shows you how to check whether your bunny, and their home environment are healthy

Rabbit Care Seminar Seminars 2014
A series of rabbit health and wellness lectures presented at Exotic Animal Care Center in Pasadena, CA throughout 2014

Rabbit Care Seminar Seminars 2015
A series of rabbit health and wellness lectures presented at Exotic Animal Care Center in Pasadena, CA throughout 2015

Health and behavior benefits for having your bunny fixed

Summer Heat
How to protect your bunny from excess heat and other dangers of summer

Veterinarian Questionnaire
Tips and questions to help you find a rabbit-savvy vet in your area

Zinc Poisoning Linked to Litter
Rabbits who eat cat litter may be at risk of zinc poisoning


A Bonding Experience
Zooh Volunteer Gretchen tells how she bonded her three rabbits

Bringing Bunny Inside
Tips for adapting to an “inside-bunny” lifestyle

Bunny Matchmaking
Helping rabbits learn to live together

Bunny Talk
What your rabbit is trying to tell you

Finding a Home
If you absolutely can’t keep your bunny

Getting Moved In
Protecting your bunny and your house from inquisitive teeth and toes

How Hershey Got Her Groove Back
The benefits of rabbit sponsorship go both ways…

Litter Training
How to litter box train your bunny

Love Letter to Puzzle
For anyone who has grieved over the loss of a special bunny

Problem Bunnies
Dealing with aggressive, nervous, or frightened bunny

A Rabbit Tail (Tale?)
The story of how Hillary and Kensington finally learned to use the litterbox instead of the floor

Snowy & Chloe
The true story of two rescued bunnies bonding

Toys for Rabbits
Bunnies are naturally curious; give your bunny some toys – you’ll both enjoy it!

Why a House Bunny?
Why having a house bunny is better for you AND your bunny

Why Rescue?
A little background on why we (and others) rescue rabbits

How to create comfy living quarters for your bunny using an exercise pen


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