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Rabbit Lecture Rescheduled, Exams and Grooming Only on Oct 15

  The RABBIT EMERGENCIES lecture scheduled for Sunday, October 15th, at Exotic Animal Care Center, is being rescheduled. LOW COST EXAMS AND GROOMING are still scheduled for that day from 2PM to 4PM. You may RSVP via Eventbrite or come

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Seminar on Disorders of the Rabbit Urinary Tract a Success

Our first education seminar of the year was a total success thanks to an extremely informative talk on disorders of the rabbit urinary tract by Exotic Animal Care Center’s newest staff veterinarian, Dr. Laurence Labrecque. We are also super grateful

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Caring for Newborn Baby Rabbits

IF THESE ARE WILD BABIES Wild rabbits hide their nests in plain view, often in the middle of your yard, bushes, etc. If you find a nest that has been disturbed, do the best you can to restore it and

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Sunday March 20th: GI Stasis and Bloat Seminar.

Next week, on Sunday, March 20th from noon – 3pm, Zooh Corner will host its first 2016 rabbit care seminar focusing on GI stasis and bloat. Join us at Exotic Animal Care Center with Dr. Sari Kanfer for this very important lesson

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Free Bunny Health Seminar next Sunday!

Dr. Lamb is back in town this Sunday (September 21st) just to educate us about common rabbit diseases and illnesses. Learn about symptoms and treatments of common diseases and conditions like e. cuniculi, GI stasis, head tilt, and more. You

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Next Rabbit Health Seminar Soon

Common Rabbit Diseases and Illnesses Zooh Corner’s next rabbit health seminar is September 21st, noon to 3pm. This is super important for ALL rabbit owners, whether your rabbits are young, old, healthy or ailing. Learn the symptoms, treatments and at-home

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Luigi’s GI Stasis

Poor Luigi. He is having tummy problems. He is already so skinny. Syringe feeding, GI support. . . And love.  Click through to see his album, where he’s getting our very best care, including fresh cecatrophes, Critical Care, Carrot Baby

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Summer Heat Reminder

Southern California will experience some hot weather this week.  Zooh Corner wants to remind you to keep your bunnies cool, as high temperatures can be very dangerous to their heath. The best situation is an indoor, air-conditioned home on days

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Stock up at the Zooh Store

Do YOU know how to take your bunny’s temperature? It is very important information and could make ALL the difference. Here is a video of Zooh Corner’s Dr Stephanie Lamb demonstrating how to take a temperature, along with other useful

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