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Petco Supplier Torturing Animals

PETA has recently reported on the cruel and senseless treatment of animals at Holmes Farm, a Pennsylvania animal mill that supplies small mammals to hundres of pet stores across eastern U.S.  They are calling on everyone to boycott Petco, Petsmart, and

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Responsible Rabbit Owner Guide Features Zooh

We just discovered that Ameena Schelling made a wonderful article that tackles common misconceptions about rabbit ownership.  It is well-written, and covers some great details that help explain why having a pet rabbit is more than a whimsical idea for a

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Petition Kroger – Stop Selling Rabbit Meat

Anna MacLennan has started a petition, calling on Kroger to stop selling rabbit meat in their stores.  From her petition: What would you do if you saw cat or dog meat in a store? Most people would be completely disgusted,

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Whole Foods Ends Rabbit Meat Sale

A Message from Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue president, Cat Logsdon Tuesday, September 15th, will go down in history as a day of joy and celebration to those of us who love rabbits, as Whole Foods Market agreed to permanently end

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Boulder, CO Protests Whole Foods

Jill Bielawski reports on a protest at Whole Foods in Boulder this past weekend.  Her article leads with a compelling argument for pet lovers everywhere.  Can you imagine having your best furry friend up for sale in the local grocery

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Thunderclap for Easter Against WFM

Lisa Rockwell, friend of Zooh Corner and savior of our own Tonka, Alvin, Wesley, and Tickle, has started a Thunderclap campaign for rabbit advocacy this Easter.  This campaign is calling on support for the petition for Whole Foods to stop

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Easter is Coming – Make Yours Chocolate

As a rabbit rescue, part of Zooh Corner’s mission is to advocate for the welfare and safety of all rabbits.  Ill-prepared owners who receive rabbits as Easter gifts are unfamiliar with the needs and responsibilities of pet ownership.  All too

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Whole Foods Rabbit Meat Images

The Rabbit Advocacy Network has recently posted images of the rabbits that are farmed and supplied to Iowa Rabbit, the bunny killing factory that slaughters rabbits for Whole Foods. From their post:: Whole Foods Market has justified their introduction of a new animal–rabbit

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Zooh Corner Protests Whole Foods

On Sunday, January 25, Zooh Corner stood in solidarity against Whole Foods and their sickening use of domestic pet rabbits as food.  Besides the obvious concern that they are using the very animals we love and support as a commodity, there

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Values Matter at Sprouts

Yesterday, a San Diego House Rabbit Society friend posted that she had seen rabbit meat for sale at Sprouts Chula Vista and Eastlake. Sprouts Farmers Market (corporate) previously assured San Diego HRS that they would not sell rabbit meat. We

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