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Updates on rescue efforts.

Tigerlilly Comes to Zooh Corner

Meet Tigerlilly, a sweet bunny we pulled from Pasadena Humane Society.  She has nuclear sclerosis on her right eye and has a slight head tilt.  She will be joining us as a sanctuary bunny. Tigerlilly was in to Exotic Animal Care

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Gable’s Neuter

Gable went to Exotic Animal Care Center yesterday for his neuter. Check his album for a few pictures of him getting his exam. Notice the “ear looker-inner,” the “mouth looker-inner ” (and yes those are technical terms!). He checked out 100%

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Blossom’s Recovery

Here’s Blossom  during one of her twice-daily foot soaks. Isn’t she cute? Such a brave and affectionate little soul. Poor little Blossom has a serious UTI (urinary tract infection), urine scald, infected hock sores, an injury on her front left paw

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Blossom – Rescued Feb 9, 2015

Meet Blossom, rescued from the OC Shelter. She is SAFE and she is beautiful, and according to her foster mum, she is sweet! This poor little girl has so many problems. We cannot imagine what her previous life must have

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Sacramento “Meat” Breeder Babies Update

TONKA here, and his bothers, have all been neutered and are recovering well. Tonka’s toes are 98% healed (mostly thanks to Janet Foster’s wonderful care!). Tonka’s favorite things to do are to follow Tickle around, sit at the top of

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Sacramento Breeder Babies Named

We have named our four babies rescued from the Sacramento Breeder! We are pleased to introduce you to Tickle (#19), Dread Pirate Wesley Wigglebottom (#6), Alvin (#14), and Tonka (#12)! Tickle is very curious and digs Starbucks. Today, a Cottontail Cottage was given

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Neuters Needed for Sacramento “Meat” Rescue

Our newly arrived guests are going to need neutering soon.  Here’s #14 Note the missing toes on right back foot. I am concerned with his level of infection. He is missing all but one on the front right. Help keep

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Sacramento “Meat” Babies Arrived

On January 16th, 2015, our four babies from the Sacramento “Meat” Rabbit Rescue arrived. We are overjoyed… and heartbroken when we look at their injured and missing toes, knowing the suffering they have been through in their short time on

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Dutch Rescue; Foster Needed

These adorable dutch bunnies are safe with Amy Froese, who is temporarily holding them for Zooh Corner.  We need a foster home ASAP!  Look at these poor babies and the comment… Zooh Corner is located in San Gabriel. We need

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Zooh Welcoming Meat Rabbits

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED FOR THESE INJURED BABIES! Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue is taking a group of these babies as soon as we can coordinate transport (we’ll have the space after January 5, 2015). These baby rabbits were living in

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