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Updates on rescue efforts.

Fred Rescued and Safe

Please welcome Fred to Zooh Corner.  This little guy made the trip down to us from Kings County Animal Control.  Many thanks to them for helping him with the trip, as one of their techs drove down to Bakersfield and

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Medical Care for Rescued Splay Leg Bunny

Saved in the nick of time. This baby was on his way to deadly Inland Valley Humane in just a day or two. A young boy and his family bought this bunny when he was teeny tiny. Now he’s about

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Urgent Sanctuary Home Needed

URGENT Local Sanctuary Home or adopter is needed for this adorable spayed elder bun. She is 8-9 years old and the sad product of divorce. Has been living alone in a hutch for the last eight months. She needs a

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New Rescue

Here is our new little rescue friend. He will be a friend for Sophie, who is lonely after losing her husbun, Rufus. We’re going to need to get him neutered and checked by the vet. Donations much-needed! Who would like

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Incoming Rescue

This little guy was going to die on Monday, simply because he has syphilis. We couldn’t let that happen. He will be coming to us at the end of the week and seeing the vet as soon as possible, hopefully

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Goodbye to Bueller

We are broken-hearted to let you all know that we had to say goodbye to Bueller. I was pretty sure this would be the outcome, but we always have hope and want to try our best for them. I don’t

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Rescued Hotel Bunny

Yesterday, we saw a post on Craigslist, advertising a “Free Bunny”.  The post sounded suspicious and troubling, but we reached out out and rescued this lovely little man.  At first glance he seemed to be in good condition, but after spending

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Erin’s Baby Rescued from OC

This is Erin Borozny’s baby. She was rescued from the Orange County shelter and was going to briefly stay with Zooh Corner until she heads across the country for her new career.  Special thanks to Cindy Widdall for pulling this

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Meet Frogger

Just recently, a bunny was caught after he hopped across FOUR LANES of North Hollywood Traffic.  Luckily, he he was unhurt from his ordeal.  His kind rescuer had no alternative but to take him to a shelter. That’s when Zooh Corner stepped

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Elderly Sanctuary Rabbit Rescued

Zooh Corner has an incoming elderly Sanctuary Rabbit. This guy is at least 10 years old.  The people who dumped him claimed he was too old… We are rescuing him from the high kill Agoura shelter, before they euthanize him.  He does

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