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Rabbits who are available for adoption

Summer in February?

Did you know that February is Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month?  Since 2011, The House Rabbit Society has been celebrating February as a month to spread awareness and encourage rescued rabbit adoption. This beautiful little lady is our Summer Bunny

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Miss Mustard’s UTI

Our Miss Mustard visited Exotic Animal Care Center today, with signs of a urinary tract infection, and the onset of GI stasis.  We’re on top of it, and her husbun Galbani is right by her side to provide emotional support

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Sponsor Walnut’s Neuter

Walnut is due for neutering, and then he’s ready for adoption.  Will you adopt and/or sponsor his neuter? He is super super friendly, active, and silly! Just look and his cute mug! Walnut’s interests include modeling, snuggling and being the eminent cute scholar.

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Miss Mustard and Galbani – Home for the Holidays?

Miss Mustard and Galbani spent the holidays at one of our many loving foster homes.  But it’s not too late to welcome them into your very own home before the holidays are up!  This pair is very loving and caring

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Help Silas to his New Home!

Silas Bun-bun MonkeyCheeks is set to be adopted, but we need your help!  This sweet boy needs to be neutered, and we need donations to cover the procedure.  It would have happened sooner, but we have been very busy covering

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Summer Ready for Adoption

Summer is a beautiful Californian girl who recently arrived at Zooh Corner.  Check out more of her pics in her album.  She has been spayed, and is now ready for a new home.  Just look at that face.  Isn’t she

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Adopt Silas

This face could stare at YOU every day, if you are awesome enough to adopt him. This is Silas Bun-bun MonkeyCheeks.  Check his gallery for more info and pics.

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URGENT – Mortimer Needs Foster or Adoption

MORTIMER JONES needs an adoption or a foster home ASAP. The little bun that we took in last night, KIWI, is urgently in Susan’s bathroom, but she cannot stay there. As she is going to need long term care, she

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Still Need Sponsor for MOnocle’s Neuter

MOnocle is all healed from his wounds on his hip and paws, and the mites have all cleared up.  He is ready for his neuter, and we need all the support you can give!  Please, won’t someone sponsor his neuter?

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Gambol up for Adoption!

My name is Gambol and I was out playing (supervised) on Easter Sunday- and wondering: When will my forever family find me? Will you share my photo and help my people to find me? I would love to be adopted

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