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Bunnies who need a helping paw – news stories about local or nationwide rescue or support efforts – featured for a short term usually.

The Bunny Burrow

The Bunny Burrow Rabbit Rescue was founded in August, 2013 by Erin Ramsey and Megan Geller.  Although The Bunny Burrow is fairly new to the nonprofit rescue world, the founders are long-time rabbit rescuers and advocates who have been active in

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Wings of Rescue for Dogs and Cats

The Huffington Post reports on Wings of Rescue and Pilots N Paws, organizations of pilots who rescue dogs and cats facing euthanasia.  These volunteers pull animals from shelters and fly them to their new homes in rescues or adopting families.  From their

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Congratulations to EARS!

Congratulations to our friends at Erie Area Rabbit Society (EARS)!! They collected the most new signatures on the Whole Foods petition! Their buns will enjoy a nice box of donated bunny toys and fun as a Thank You!!! Supporters rallied

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