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Bunnies who need a helping paw – news stories about local or nationwide rescue or support efforts – featured for a short term usually.

Friends Helping Friends: Alice’s Emergency Medical Bills

A Zooh Corner friend and volunteer, Diana Marie, is asking for our help. Her beloved bunny Alice recently faced a life-threatening case of bloat, and though Alice is thankfully recovering due to excellent emergency veterinary care, Diana’s vet bills are

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Baldwin Park Emergency – Urgent Need for Fosters/Sanctuaries/Adoptions

EMERGENCY!!!!! The Baldwin Park county animal shelter in Southern California, has had two groups of rabbits dumped in the past three days! There are over 43 rabbits at the shelter. All under one year in age. Some are only a

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Rehoming Needed for SoCal Bunnies

Update 2017-11-06 – These bunnies have found a loving home!  Thank you for your support. Emma Gatti is a good friend of Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue, who will be returning home to Italy this fall to begin searching abroad for

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Rehoming Needed for Winnipeg Area Cats

The mother of a Zooh Corner volunteer has recently passed away, and she left several cats who urgently need to find new homes.  These cats meant the world to her, and we hope that you can help find them a loving home.

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Contra Costa Rabbit Rescue Needs Your Help.

Contra Costa Rabbit Rescue is a small, 501(c)(3) non profit community service organization that rescues rabbits from shelters in Contra Costa county in California, provides needed medical care and socialization, then finds indoor homes for them. We are currently raising

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PetSave Foundation Adoptions Needed

URGENT 🐰The PetSave Bunnies need our help!🐰 They have been given a final date to be out of their facility. June 30. They still have 22 Rabbits needing excellent homes. Please!? If you are considering adopting any time with the

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Friends Helping Friends – Pippin

I don’t typically share a personal fundraisers, but I know Kate and her mom, Richele, personally and I know the work they do. They take in many needy and disabled rabbits and give them a lovely home. Pippen is a

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Goodbye, Friend – Dr Jan Steele

It is with much sadness in my heart that I am writing of the passing of a friend and colleague, Dr. Jan Steele.  Jan passed away very suddenly on Tuesday, December 20.  She and leaves behind her loving family, as

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Help Bona Tucker

EMERGENCY: LONG TIME RABBIT RESCUER NEEDS OUR HELP AND OUR PRAYERS Bona Tucker has devoted her life to saving lives. Through her PetSave Foundation she has worked tirelessly to rescue, care for and place bunnies. She is a compassionate, amazing,

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Get Rabbit Doodles on Amazon!

Our dear friend Elise Church has published a coloring book featuring artwork of Luigi the Lemon!  From her Amazon page: Celebrated art teacher and animal rescue activist Elise Whittier Church shares her passion for rabbits in this beautifully-illustrated and informative

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