Zooh Corner Sanctuary

038Sanctuary Rabbits are rabbits who are considered un-adoptable for varying reasons such as illness, age, past trauma, ongoing medical care; or perhaps they have been in foster care and not adopted for so long they are “home.” We believe all rabbits deserve a forever-home and a good and happy life.

Sanctuary Rabbits live here at Zooh Corner, or with approved Sanctuary Families. Sanctuary Families provide a forever-home and love, and in many cases ongoing medical care (giving medications and so on). All medical bills are covered by Zooh Corner (though care takers often donate as well) and all basic food costs (aside from greens) are provided for by Zooh Corner.

We are always looking for Sanctuary Homes. It is an amazingly rewarding experience to care for these special souls. If you are interested and would like to know more, please contact us!

To learn more about some of our sanctuary rabbits, please visit the Sanctuary Stories gallery

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