There are all sorts of ways that you can help us out. Some take a lot of time, some take hardly any time – we can accommodate you. Please contact us if you can help us save bunny lives.

Foster a rabbit
Take a rescue into your home to love, train and socialize. Zooh Corner pays for everything and will need bunnies to be available for weekend adoption fairs. This is a minimum three month commitment, and can be as long as one year. Zooh will train foster friends!

Become a Sanctuary Home
Some rescued rabbits are unable to be adopted due to special needs. These bunnies become wards of Zooh Corner, and are given the care and love they need. All supplies are covered by Zooh Corner.

Bring a bag of fresh produce to the bunnies
Our bunnies get fresh veggies every day. This means a lot of trips to the grocery store, which is very time consuming for us.  Any time you can offer helps! E-mail us for more information.

PetCo volunteers
Spend time with adoptable bunnies at a local PetCo, where you can help potential bunny parents learn about proper rabbit care. Zooh Corner will train you with everything you need to know.

Make Toys and Treats, or Bag Hay
To keep our rescue rabbits and Zooh Store well stocked, we need volunteers to help assemble toys, treats, and fill hay bags. Have fun making something that will bring joy to a bunny!

Care for Rescued Rabbits
If you cannot foster or adopt a rabbit, perhaps you could help love and groom them, or help keep their pens clean? Some rabbits come to us with emotional trauma, and sometimes a little love and patience is all that is needed to get them happy and healthy again.

Become an Education Volunteer
Learn about bunnies and set up a Zooh Corner Information Table at another PetCo or Adoption Event. This takes a three to six month training period. Can be very time consuming and addictive.

Drivers from Shelters and to Vets
When we rescue rabbits from shelters or elsewhere, they need safe transit to Zooh Corner and their vet appointments. Sometimes a simple bunny taxi service can make all the difference!

Donate money
Isn’t that always the case? While rescue is certainly not all about money, donations are what keep us going, and believe us, it is not cheap! We are currently desperately in need of spay/neuter funds & emergency vet care funds, our two largest expenses. Any amount helps us! We are a federal and state non-profit.  All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law

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