Foster a Rabbit

Galbani and Miss Mustard - 2014-02-01 - 001When you agree to be a foster family for Zooh Corner, you are providing a loving home for one (or more) of our rescued rabbits, for whatever time is needed to find them a forever home. Should you choose, there is also the option to adopt.

Foster Information for Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue

If you would like to be a foster family, we require you to be:

  1. Relatively local to San Gabriel, CA where the Zooh Corner home base and vet are situated;
  2. Over 18 with transportation of your own;
  3. Able to bring rabbit(s) to adoption events and vet (if needed); and
  4. Able to provide comfortable living space for in your home (not outside or in a garage).

We will provide set-up (if needed), hay, pellets and cover all vet care.

You provide a home, greens (can be reimbursed if needed), TLC, socialization, exercise, basic care, (medical care if needed)–until adopted.

By fostering, you increase our capacity, allowing Zooh Corner to rescue and assist more rabbits in need.

If you would like to learn more about fostering, or would like to sign up, please contact us.


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