Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue Adoption Policy

Please read our adoption policy. If you agree, click the Continue button at the bottom and fill out an Adoption Request Form. Someone will contact you ASAP.

For every rabbit you adopt, two lives are saved: That of the rabbit you adopt and that of the rabbit who will take his or her place!

  • Rabbits are adopted out as House Pets only and must live in proper, approved enclosure.
  • Rabbits must have a minimum of 5 hours out-of-enclosure exercise every day.
  • If you work or are out most of the day and the rabbit will be alone, it is strongly suggested that you adopt a pair of rabbits, so each will have company while you are away.
  • All prospective adopters must read our Basic Care information, either online, or you may pick up a packet at one of our events (see online calendar), or you may mail us a 5X7 SASE with 2 stamps and we will mail out our 14-page Rabbit Care Guide.
  • We do not adopt to children, we do adopt to FAMILIES. We must meet all family members to be sure everyone wants the new family member.
  • All rabbits are pets and are not adopted out as classroom projects, magician’s props, petting zoo stock, etc.
  • Rabbits live 8-13+ years and adopting one is a lifelong commitment.
  • The adoption fee for a single rabbit is $95.00, for a pair of rabbits it is $145.00.
  • Adoption fees are non-refundable.

We are located in San Gabriel, Southern California.  Out-of-state adoptions are considered on an individual basis.

These are just some of the lovely rabbits that are available for adoption. If you don’t see the perfect bunny, fill out a form by clicking on the Continue button anyway and we will contact you to introduce you to your dream bunny or bunnies!


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