These adorable and sweet rabbits are all looking for their forever homes! Review all our adoptable bunnies at Petfinder.

Once a you have adopted a bunny from our organization you are a permanent member of the Zooh Family and you may call us at any time with questions about your bunnies, or just to tell us how things are going! Plus, we are always willing to talk to our contributors, to answer any questions they may have. We also like to hear YOUR IDEAS, whether they are about Bunny Rescue or about raising our much needed funding.

While the predominant amount of our work is done right here in San Gabriel, we get requests for information (by telephone and e-mail) from as far away as England, Iceland and Australia-and we respond ASAP-with the most updated information available to us. We feel that education-of both the general public and ourselves-is of the utmost importance to our mission, and we spend a large amount of time and energy on making sure we are as up to date as possible on all aspects of rabbit care. All of our informational papers and pamphlets are free to the public.

Adoption Policy

On the adoption policy there is a link to the adoption application. All rabbits will be spayed or neutered prior to adoption.


If you would like to help socialize, care for, exercise or foster a rabbit, please contact us!

The more volunteers we have, the more rabbits we are able to save. Join now and help us save lives!

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