Got Bunnies?

Got Bunnies?
Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue

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What’s New at Zooh Corner?


  • Rabbit 911 Lecture - Next Sunday!

    Rabbit 911 Lecture - Next Sunday!

    In less than a week, we're having our next free lecture in our 2015 educational seminar series.  Join us at Exotic Animal Care Center this Sunday, July 12.  This month's topic is...
    Fireworks Warnings

    Fireworks Warnings

    We here at Zooh Corner wish everyone a happy and safe Fourth of July!  But please be mindful of how your pets, especially rabbits, are easily frightened by loud, unexpected...
    July 12 - Next Rabbit Seminar

    July 12 - Next Rabbit Seminar

    "SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH MY BUNNY!!!" We've ALL been there. Felt that panic. Something is wrong, you don't know what and/or you don't know what to do. Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue is...
    Summer Heat Warning

    Summer Heat Warning

    Summer is here, and Zooh Corner wants to remind you to keep your bunnies cool, as high temperatures can be very dangerous to their heath.  The best situation for a...
    Double Donor Ends June 28

    Double Donor Ends June 28

    CORRECTION!! Please help! The end date of our Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue double donor was WRONG on our flier. The end date is JUNE 28 (not July/28). Due to this mistake we are...

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Rabbit News Around the World

Help Stop Whole Foods From Selling Rabbit Meat

Whole Foods started selling rabbit meat in the summer of 2014.  Besides our obvious concern that they are using the very animals we love and support as a commodity – Rabbits are the 3rd most popular pet in the USA – there have been numerous reports on the cruel and inhumane handling of the rabbits throughout the farming process.

We have opposed their decision to introduce rabbit meat in their stores since last summer, where we have joined ranks with other organizations to spread word.  Their refusal to respond to customer concerns have alienated the rabbit lover community.

Despite this, they continue to uphold their decision, and demonstrate nothing but hypocrisy with their “values matter” campaign.  By contrast, stores like Sprouts have proven their desire to listen to their customers.

Ways you can help:

  • Humane Cosmetics Act Support

    Humane Cosmetics Act Support

    Cruelty Free International is continuing their campaign for the Humane Cosmetics Act in their Making North America cruelty free campaign, on the recent support of Peter Dinklage, a well-known actor and animal lover.  From their post: Emmy and Golden Globe award winning actor, Peter Dinklage, star of Game of Thrones has today...
    Canadian Bill to Ban Animal Testing

    Canadian Bill to Ban Animal Testing

    Humane Society International (HSI) reports on the recent launch of the Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act, a bill launched to prohibit animal testing for cosmetics in Canada, as well as blocking the sale of all cosmetics that have been recently tested on animals.  They have been working closely with the Animal Alliance...
    Join LCA in Protesting Bristol Farms

    Join LCA in Protesting Bristol Farms

    Last Chance for Animals (LCA) filmed the brutal torture of rabbits in an undercover investigation at Pel-Freez, America's largest rabbit slaughterhouse. Bristol Farms sells rabbit meat from Pel-Freez, even after being told of the shocking abuse taking place.  Now LCA are calling for support in protesting against Bristol Farms. The protest is organized...
    50,000 Signatures Against Whole Foods

    50,000 Signatures Against Whole Foods

    Today, the petition to end the sale of rabbit meat at Whole Foods has hit a milestone 50,000 signatures.  That 50,000 people who have declared that it is not acceptable for our pets to be inhumanely raised and butchered for their unprofitable practice of selling animals we consider pets and...
    Huffington Post Covers Pel-Freez Rabbit Cruelty

    Huffington Post Covers Pel-Freez Rabbit Cruelty

    The Huffington Post has detailed the undercover investigation and legal action brought against Pel-Freez, the notorious slaughterhouse that Last Chance for Animals (LCA) has recently exposed.  The graphic details and footage covered by LCA are disturbing and shocking, and reveal the slaughterhouse as operating with consistent and systematic torture of rabbits....

Friends Helping Friends

Zooh Corner is but one of many animal rescues who strive to make a difference in animals’ lives.  By helping each other, we all can do our very best.  Each  month, we will feature a rescue, shelter, or rabbit-related group.

  • BunnyLuv


    Zooh Corner Loves BunnyLuv! BunnyLuv Rabbit Resource Center is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), no-kill animal welfare organization that offers education, adoption, care and supplies for domestic rabbits and the humans who love them. Established in 1996, just a few years after Zooh Corner, BunnyLuv has helped thousands of rabbits and humans live...
    The Bunny Burrow

    The Bunny Burrow

    The Bunny Burrow Rabbit Rescue was founded in August, 2013 by Erin Ramsey and Megan Geller.  Although The Bunny Burrow is fairly new to the nonprofit rescue world, the founders are long-time rabbit rescuers and advocates who have been active in the community. The Bunny Burrow is a lot like Zooh Corner,...
    Wings of Rescue for Dogs and Cats

    Wings of Rescue for Dogs and Cats

    The Huffington Post reports on Wings of Rescue and Pilots N Paws, organizations of pilots who rescue dogs and cats facing euthanasia.  These volunteers pull animals from shelters and fly them to their new homes in rescues or adopting families.  From their post: More than 4 million U.S. pets are euthanized every year....
    Congratulations to EARS!

    Congratulations to EARS!

    Congratulations to our friends at Erie Area Rabbit Society (EARS)!! They collected the most new signatures on the Whole Foods petition! Their buns will enjoy a nice box of donated bunny toys and fun as a Thank You!!! Supporters rallied the most documented signatures on the petition asking Whole Foods to...


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