Medical ER Fund for Clementine Small & Injured Shelter Bunny

Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue is facing a lot of bills today and we need to raise funds quickly to keep our vet account in good standing.


Yesterday evening one of our dearest sanctuary bunnies, Clementine Small began feeling ill. Though her temperature is more normal now after careful care, she is still clearly in a lot of distress and will require an exam, blood work, radiographs and possibly an ultrasound.

Zooh Corner will also be taking in a bunny from the shelter that is underweight and has a severely injured left hind leg, possibly an old break. She will be arriving tomorrow after her spay, which we could not get a medical stay for, and will need immediate medical attention.

We really appreciate any and all support you can give the rescue as we help these bunnies.


And, yes, if you would like to donate other ways you absolutely can:

Directly on account at clinic (see info below)

Via PayPal

Via Credit Card / Square


VET CLINIC: Exotic Animal Veterinary Center

VET: Dr Sari Kanfer

Clinic number (626)405-1777

Thank you so much for your support.

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