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Oct 15 – Free Rabbit Seminar on Rabbit Emergencies

Dr. Wills will talk to us about assessing emergencies, what you can do at home, and when you REALLY need to get to the ER; and what about all those diagnostics vets are always asking for? What are they? Are

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October Double Donor

Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue DOUBLE DONOR TIME!! Our monthly Double Donor is what keeps us running. With our recent move and MANY subsequent veterinary bills, we are really really struggling right now. For reals. . .it’s a little scary. All donations

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Rehoming Needed for SoCal Bunnies

Emma Gatti is a good friend of Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue, who will be returning home to Italy this fall to begin searching abroad for career opportunities. Emma is heartbroken that her two wonderful bunnies, Penny and Django, will be

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