Fred Rescued and Safe

18300831_10212642043351201_4985465327739671667_nPlease welcome Fred to Zooh Corner.  This little guy made the trip down to us from Kings County Animal Control.  Many thanks to them for helping him with the trip, as one of their techs drove down to Bakersfield and brought Fred along for us.

As soon as he arrived, we got him in to see Dr. Sarah Wills of Exotic Animal Care Center.  His poor eyes and ears are quite a mess. Quite painful. He is not a happy or comfortable bunny, but we will change that. So much infection. So much so that we couldn’t even see if he has a left eyeball, but we are assuming it’s there. Will need to give the medication some time to take effect, then do a recheck, to see what else is going on.

His blood work looked good and so do his x-rays. There appears to be a little arthritis in one of his back knees. You can see on x-rays of his skull that his back teeth are a little uneven and he has some slightly long upper tooth roots. You can also see that there are inflamed pockets of pus at the base of both ears.

He was pretty stressed out today from the drive and from his vet trip. Poor guy. 😢We can certainly understand.

The shelter had him listed as about two years old but we think he’s probably five to seven years old. Will reassess when he is feeling better and the infection is gone.  He will need to return for a recheck and recheck x-rays – to look at his ears and have another peek at his teeth.

Stay tuned for further updates.

His vet bill came out to just under $1000  We can definitely use your donations!


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Thank you all for your love, prayers, donations and support!

Shout out to Debbie Diederich. Thanks for the lovely fresh greens! You’re so thoughtful❤️

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