Seminar on Bunny Blood Tests and Xrays May 21

2017 May SeminarWhen your bunny is sick, he/she can’t tell you what is wrong. Blood tests, X-rays, fecal cultures, urine tests and even ultrasounds may be needed to assess his or her internal organ function and tell us more about what is wrong. Dr. Kanfer will talk to us about the kinds of situations that call for these diagnostics, what we can learn from them and how they can help form a more complete treatment plan.

On Sunday, May 21, we are having our next free rabbit health seminar at Exotic Animal Care Center.

There will be $30 healthy pet examinations for rabbits, chinnchillas, guinea pigs and other small mammals. There will also be aromatherapy grooming sessions for $15 each and the Zooh Corner Store will be there with lots of hay and toys for your beloved pets!

As always, many thanks to Dr Sari Kanfer and Exotic Animal Care Center for hosting these events – this is our fifth year ad we’re still having fun.

Pick up your tickets on Eventbrite, and we hope to see you and your bunnies there!


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