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Double Donor May!

It’s DOUBLE DONOR time! Goal $1000  (Which will be $2k, which means we can pay off our hay and feed the bill entirely 😄, purchase some necessary medications and take care of basic monthly overhead.) Goal $1000 Donations $410 Need

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PetSave Foundation Adoptions Needed

URGENT 🐰The PetSave Bunnies need our help!🐰 They have been given a final date to be out of their facility. June 30. They still have 22 Rabbits needing excellent homes. Please!? If you are considering adopting any time with the

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Fred Rescued and Safe

Please welcome Fred to Zooh Corner.  This little guy made the trip down to us from Kings County Animal Control.  Many thanks to them for helping him with the trip, as one of their techs drove down to Bakersfield and

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Seminar on Bunny Blood Tests and Xrays May 21

When your bunny is sick, he/she can’t tell you what is wrong. Blood tests, X-rays, fecal cultures, urine tests and even ultrasounds may be needed to assess his or her internal organ function and tell us more about what is

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