Goodbye Edwinna


Little Black Cloud, Fast Eddie (she sold used cars), Angry Eddie. . .so many nicknames, so much personality. We miss so much already – Clementine, Daddy and I. But it was time for you to go and be with Davey Jones and Clyde. And I can picture you all, a tiny happy little trio, with a bossy little girl-bunny taking care of the boys.

Thank you for loving so many in your special, bossy, grumpy way. You were a good little nurse-wife to Davey Jones and Clyde (even though you had no worries about knocking their little tilty-headed butts right over when there were oats to be had). And thank you for loving Clementine. I think she was your heart bunny, really, even though you chased her around sometimes. As old and frail as you were (12-13yrs), you were still the BOSS. But a cuddly and loving one, right?

 Our ‘Little Widows’

🐇Binky In Peace, little one. You are very much loved and very much missed.🐇

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