Goodbye Thalia


We are heartbroken that we had to say good-bye to our sweet, tough, amazing little Thalia today. She has gone to be with her first husbun, Tombo. Susan, Dopey and I were with her, and her passing was peaceful and quick.

Thalia was a little street urchin when she first came to live at Zooh Corner. Found hopping the streets of Hollywood, she was a tiny little spitfire and that only changed, and not completely, when she became ill. Her little husband, Tombo, who left us last year, was extremely shy and she was always very protective and affectionate with him. When Tombo left us, eight year old Dopey (The One Dollar Bunny) came to live with Thalia. He was about twice the size of her, but they were very cute happy little couple.

Good-bye, little one. Give Tombo our love and hop and play and kick up your heels. You’re free now.

Binky In Peace, Thalia. You are loved and you will be missed.

Posted in Gone but not Forgotten, Sanctuary

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