Medical Care for Rescued Splay Leg Bunny

18269596_1487237404.6981Saved in the nick of time. This baby was on his way to deadly Inland Valley Humane in just a day or two.

A young boy and his family bought this bunny when he was teeny tiny. Now he’s about 5 months old, splay-legged, the kid doesn’t want to deal with him—and the parents are not about to do the right thing and care for the bunny for life. Their intent was to dump him at a high kill shelter when they left town in a day or two.

Enter Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue and our amazing foster families and bunny is now SAFE. . .and we are so SO happy.

Please help us  raise $600 to cover his initital medical care – incuding radiographs, bloodwork, basic exam.

We aim to do the best for this little special needs baby and getting a good comprehensive medical exam at Exotic Animal Care Center is the place to start.

Please help this little guy if you can!

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