Baby Jasper’s Dental Needs

15966166_10211561357654734_7473694853121682233_nBABY JASPER is having issues with his jaw and molars again. He’s very unhappy, hasn’t done a binky in a couple days, and it hurts to eat properly so we are syringe feeding him.

He has ongoing jaw abscess/dental issues and has tried to crash on us before so we took him to see Dr Kanfer today.  As usual, Baby K had overgrown molars, on the upper left, due to a missing molar on the lower left. This time ’round his incisors were longer than usual, the lower ones. Both of those have been taken care of while under sedation. He goes back in two weeks, after this adjustment, for probable sedation and more work on the back/molars. Today was just about relief and getting things a bit more in alignment. Definitely got him in before any abscessing. Still, owie.

His bill This bill does not include the multiple radiographs of his skull, which will be another 200 plus dollars. Probably about 260. It also does not include the molar step or the filing of the incisors. More bills to come.


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Will update tomorrow.

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