Christmas Double Donor


Yeah. That’s a mouthful. And a worry. So here’s the deal.

Yesterday, while at the vet, I got an urgent message that there was a rabbit, who had been living around and under someone’s house for over a year, among a colony of cats, who was now VERY ILL. Neither the homeowner nor the person contacting me had the funds to care for this rabbit, would Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue please help. Of course, I said yes. So the rabbit was immediately brought in and dropped off [at the clinic, as I was already there].

This poor little guy is SO sick. No domestic bunny should ever have to suffer the elements, the heat and cold, predators. Just horrible.   So, Dr Kanfer, the techs, and I immediately got him set up and and got to work. His temperature was 105.6 and rising (peaked at 107). Got him on fluids, gave him ice packs. Upon exam it was discovered that, aside from being infested with fleas, he has a puncture wound on his ear, which is infected and swollen. Not surprisingly, a cat bite. He’s been started on antibiotics, is hospitalized and being monitored. *He has improved a bit since last night, but his temp is still high and he is only nibbling at food. (One of my concerns is that we got it soon enough that he doesn’t lose part of his ear.

SO. . . .this is our basic monthly double donor (which covers our basics, feed, utilities, ongoing care for Sanctuary Rabbits, etc) AND an ER Fundraiser to help cover the costs of this bunny’s medical care. Our gracious double donors, one in particular) are being extra generous this month. . .

 Please consider being a Santa for the bunnies of Zooh Corner; any and every donation helps. We couldn’t do this without your help!


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