Incoming Rescue

15178168_499368616930360_2325043781274727402_nThis little guy was going to die on Monday, simply because he has syphilis. We couldn’t let that happen.

He will be coming to us at the end of the week and seeing the vet as soon as possible, hopefully that day, if we have the funds.

As most of you know we have a huge outstanding vet bill, which we are working on paying down, from Rufus’ end of life care. 💔😢 For this reason we need to raise immediate funds for this incoming bunny for medical care and neuter. We’re figuring about $450. Dr K will likely want a blood test and possibly X-rays, for a full exam and to make sure he is not contagious or dealing with any other medical issues.

Any help would be much appreciated. We need to raise these funds immediately so we can have him seen and treated.


On Vet Account

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