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15055864_10211001376335551_7662172692497028194_nMeet Mr Lazarus Zombunny. You may have seem him around. He was rescued by a friend, Christa Maier, and she has worked some miracles with him already, but he needs more. Much more.

<3 So Zooh Corner is taking him under our wing as a Sanctuary Rabbit so we can help with his much needed, life saving medical care. <3
When Mr Zombunny came to Christa he was sick, flea-infested and emaciated. So weak and flea-ridden (“more fleas than hair”) that he couldn’t sit up. His eyes were swollen and pussy. Fleas were in his eyes, in his nose, in his mouth. He couldnt even lift his head but he was so grateful for the help he began licking Christa’s hand. :'( <3

But there was more. As he began gaining weight he also began having issues with one ear and then the other. Bruising, then infection. Then infected bits becoming necrotic (dying) and falling off! Back to the vet again and again. . .and while thus far they seem to have gotten the right ear under control, the left ear is a danger. We have battled the infection from all sides (injectable and oral antibiotics, scooping out pus and cleaning the pockets. Finally , draining tubes were put into the abscess pockets, so not only could each pocket be cleaned every day, but so antibiotics could be delivered directly to the site, and of course so they could drain on they own.

But pseudomonas is a nasty bug and rabbit pus is tough to deal with. The combination have proven insurmountable so far, and now, to keep the infection from spreading—and to SAVE the beautiful sweet, brave BUNNY’S LIFE—the ear must be ablated (removed beyond the point of all abscess pockets).
He has an appointment with Dr Jeff Jenkins, Avian and Exotic Animal Hospital, in San Diego, Monday, to have the ear ablated (we can’t wait)—–so me must raise funds as soon as possible.

Because this issues generally run to the high end (even with the amazing discounts we are getting), and there have already been s many medical bills, our goal is to raise $900.

**you can see the estimate in the photos**

ALL DONATIONS HELP! This bunny deserves his best chance at a life of love and safety, with all the food he can eat, all the bunnies he can muster – and pain free! PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!



This is NOT a part of our monthly double donor fundraiser. This is an emergency medical fundraiser

Thank you all for your love, prayers, support and donations!



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