Rufus Poofus Poofington

004Rufus Poofus Poofington had been with Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue for almost a decade, and we have loved every day that we had with him.  We got a call from a shelter that they had a bunny who was dropped by a hawk and had a broken back.  His jaw was also broken and many of his teeth were in bad shape.  Soon after we took him in, Rufus showed great improvement, and he immediately bonded with Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue founder Cat Logsdon.  Despite his broken back, this wonderful soul did not have a speck of broken spirit.  Rufus is a testament to the wonderful work Zooh Corner does to help special needs rabbits.

He took to his wheel cart quite quickly, and mobility was no issue for this little man.  No way was a little thing like paraplegia going to slow him down!  And have you ever heard of a paraplegic bunny doing a binkie?

Being a rabbit rescue with many special needs and sanctuary bunnies, we always need to plan how to best care for them.  Part of this is ensuring they find compatible bond-mates to have happy days full of love and companionship.  This can be a hard task sometimes, but sometimes things just click.  Daisy Ducktoes, another of our Sanctuary bunnies, decided to take matters in her own hands!  One morning, Rufus’ pen was open, and Daisy and Rufus were snuggling and grooming like they’d been together forever. And they never changed.  Daisy Ducktoes became his everything. She was his friend, his helper, his special groomer. His love.

We had to say goodbye to Rufus on October 25, 2016, but not before this wonderful man gave us many cherished memories.

Cat has written a beautiful love letter to Rufus.

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