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New Californian Law to Rescue Pets

CBS Los Angeles has recently reported that a new law has been signed that will allow Californians to rescue animals trapped in hot cars without fear of prosecution.  This allows rescuers to smash car windows to set pets free if they

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Double Donor October

DOUBLE DONOR TIME! REALLY late posting up our Double Donor this month. So much time spent with Rufus, and then of course Twinkle Star tried to bloat again and she has needed lots of nursing over the past few days

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O Tannen-bun Shirt Campaign!

🎶O tannen-bun, o tannen-bun, how lovely are your earsies.🎶 What could be more fun than bunnies at Christmas? Zooh Corner is launching this festive design of mischievous bunnies to give you plenty of time for you to wear it the

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Help Bona Tucker

EMERGENCY: LONG TIME RABBIT RESCUER NEEDS OUR HELP AND OUR PRAYERS Bona Tucker has devoted her life to saving lives. Through her PetSave Foundation she has worked tirelessly to rescue, care for and place bunnies. She is a compassionate, amazing,

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