Miss Mustard and Rufus’ Emergency Vet Visits

2016-08-29Our sweet and sassy Miss Mustard lives with chronic GI issues.  On Sunday night, she refused to eat and was showing some difficulty urinating.  Her temperature was rather low and her body language showed that she was in pain.  Despite our fast response to deliver preventative medications, she was not showing signs of improvement by this morning.

We had her in today at Exotic Animal Care Center for full blood work and x-rays.  Although her heart is a little on the big side, and there was quite an amount of gas in her gut, she looks to have a fairly good constitution.  While there, Miss Mustard crossed paths with our dear Rufus, who was back for more radiographs and blood work.  He is a dear soul and we are doing everything we can to make sure he is happy and comfortable.

I’m happy to report that, at the time of this writing, Miss Mustard is happily munching on some green leaf lettuce.  We’ll continue to monitor her closely, and follow her through to a full recovery.

Our sanctuary bunnies enjoy the best possible love and care from our volunteers, and we could not do it without you.  Your donations mean the world to them, and we thank you for anything you can offer.

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