14067685_10210178063593247_8393386326395717495_nMy heart has joined the thousand, for my friend stopped running today.

Sean lived with Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue VP, Susan, and her husband, Sum. He was such a nice guy, friendly and easy-going, and a perfect husbun.
When Sean first came to the shelter he was absolutely miserable. He was covered in fleas, skinny and so obviously neglected. Who could neglect such a sweet friendly affectionate bunny? He would wait by the door to get out, always hoping to go home. It didn’t take long for Susan to decide that he needed to come home with her as a potential husbun for another of their bunnies, Mai, also from the shelter. That is him snuggling with the beautiful and curmudgeonly Mai in their IKEA bed, in 2013. <3 Mai left us earlier this year and Sean almost immediately bonded with little Jabba, who almost died earlier this year. (Elderly and special needs and disabled bunnies! We love them so much and it’s so hard when they leave us.) The second photo, taken in May of this year, is Sean snuggling with lovely little Jabba.

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