Alexander Small

13891868_10210038029652486_321825288650108356_nI don’t quite know where to begin or end. . .other than to say that we are completely heartbroken at Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue.

On Thursday evening we had to say goodbye to our sweetest of sweets – Alexander Small. This tiny fierce soul was tired of the frail body that contained it. This tiny soul has left a huge hole in our hearts.

How can you been gone, Smally? We miss you so much, and your little Clementine is lost without you. You are such a special and kind little soul. How could I have gotten through nursing my mother through cancer without you by my side nearly every day; back and forth in the car, and the long hours by her bedside when you would sit on my lap or the top of my chair, or on the windowsill, and make me smile with your tiny binkies around that sad room. And the first time I put you on her lap? She was so displeased. . .until she finally reached out to pat you and you grabbed her finger in your teeny mouf and tossed her hand aside. She laughed! She said you were funny and smart. Even mummy loved your attitude! How could she not? You were the cutest, tiny round ball of a bunny ever.

I miss holding you and feeling your gentle kisses during your daily treatments (and just for loves). Daddy misses holding you at night and rubbing your tummy, feeding you extra snackies – the way you would start looking for your goodies as soon as he put you on his lap, the way you would grab the cookie from his hand as soon as you saw it.
<3 Smally Bally. . .the smallest bally of them all. We miss you. We love you. Binky In Peace, Smally. . .you are loved and you will be forever missed.


Huge, grateful thank you to our wonderful friend and vet, Dr Sarah Wills, for coming to our home to help us release Smally’s little soul. Thank you for helping to make it a peaceful and gentle release. . .

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