Olive update

13882671_10209977494779152_2840261691958365045_nRemember our old lady, Olive? We thought we were going to lose her. She was having trouble standing, her nystagmus was not getting under control, her head was tilted to the right and she was twirling in circles every time she got up. She was unhappy and losing her spark.

We asked for your love and prayers, and we asked for your donations. And we got them. And through love, round-the-clock care (she needed to be fed every few hours and to have her bladder expressed several times a day), physical therapy to help get her head straightened out, and good Veterinary Care – look at her today! She barely has a head tilt and only occasionally has a little nystagmus. She gets around like a normal old blind bunny would, she Grooms Baby Jasper, and though she gets supplemental feeding she can now eat on her own and urinate on her own. Amazing fabulous turn around—all thanks to your love, prayers and donations.


Your continued support and donations make all the difference in the world, as you can see!

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