Baby Jasper

13939342_10209969244612903_1592476521834086226_nSo something is still not right with Baby Jasper. Poor guy.  He took him in for another set of radiographs of both his body and his skull, as well as blood work and some dental work.  We will update soon on his condition.  We already have an outstanding bill and it would be terrific if we could get some help, directly on our Veterinary account.

I know we’re always asking, but that’s kind of our job. We take the bunnies in and make sure we can care for them. Obviously, that’s where you come in and that’s where the constant fundraising comes in.

Thanks for any help you can offer and all the help you’ve already offered!

We still have partial outstanding bills on several rabbits, Baby Jasper being one of them. Also, Olive, Fluffernutter and Jabba.

Exotic Animal Care Center (626)495-1777

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