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Double Donor September

It’s that time again!  Any donations you make to Zooh Corner will be automatically doubled by a generous supporter!  Now until midnight August 31!! To donate: Paypal: On Vet Account: 626-405-1777 Our bunnies thank you!

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Miss Mustard and Rufus’ Emergency Vet Visits

Our sweet and sassy Miss Mustard lives with chronic GI issues.  On Sunday night, she refused to eat and was showing some difficulty urinating.  Her temperature was rather low and her body language showed that she was in pain.  Despite our fast

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My heart has joined the thousand, for my friend stopped running today. Sean lived with Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue VP, Susan, and her husband, Sum. He was such a nice guy, friendly and easy-going, and a perfect husbun. When Sean

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Updates – Rufus Poofus Poofington

Rufus has been showing high spirits and some signs of improvement.  He’s eating on his own, and graciously accepting pets.  He even kisses back! Just recently, he peed a stone right out of his ureter, into his bladder, and right out

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Rabbit Care Seminars – Date and Topic Change

[DATE/TOPIC CHANGE] Sunday, September 25, 2016 – THE RABBIT EXAM: What is my vet doing? We’re changing up our schedule for this year’s Rabbit Care Seminars.  This month, we’re getting together on Sunday, September 25 at Exotic Animal Care Center to

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Rufus Update

This update is long in coming, and also a bit lengthy. My apologies. Rufus is very sick bunny. As many of you already know, one of his kidneys is only about 20-25% functional, as it has significant mineralization. Now his

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Gypsy Adopted!

Remember Gypsy, the shy grey bunny who we rescued from a snake tank? She found herself a new husbun and they will go home today to live happily ever after. We are so happy for her and her new bunman!

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Alexander Small

I don’t quite know where to begin or end. . .other than to say that we are completely heartbroken at Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue. On Thursday evening we had to say goodbye to our sweetest of sweets – Alexander Small.

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Baby Jasper

So something is still not right with Baby Jasper. Poor guy.  He took him in for another set of radiographs of both his body and his skull, as well as blood work and some dental work.  We will update soon on

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Olive update

Remember our old lady, Olive? We thought we were going to lose her. She was having trouble standing, her nystagmus was not getting under control, her head was tilted to the right and she was twirling in circles every time

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