Rufus’ Emergency Vet Visit

2016-07-11We took our beloved Rufus Poofus Poofington to Exotic Animal Care Center yesterday because he was showing signs of lethargia and no appetite, nystagmus (dizzy, scanning eyes).  The poor man still has a pretty raging UTI. Poor guy!! Because he also has an enlarged heart and one mineralized kidney, we were pretty scared.  His bloodwork shows very significant signs of infection, and the discomfort from that could easily cause the lethargy, lack of appetite (GI issues) and even the slow intermittent nystagmus I saw this morning. Yikes.

Honestly, I was so relieved to see his blood work (high white blood cell count, etc) that I sobbed. Exhaustion, heartache and fear will do that to a person, right?

It’s been a rough few months for the Zooh Corner Sanctuary Rabbits—AND our bank account. We reallyreallyreally need your help. Again.

I know. I know. (I know :( ) It’s ALWAYS about the money.

Well. It is and it isn’t.

It’s first and foremost about the bunnehs. ALWAYS. But we can’t care for and support them without the monehs. And that’s where y’all come in. . . like CHAMPS. And we are so so so (SO) grateful.

We really need some extra help NOW. So please: Donate if you can. Every single dollar makes a difference. And share either way 0 on your page, in groups, with your friends. . . We really need the help. Just look at our vet bill – and this is just for the last two months!


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