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Double Donor August

Friends. . .we’re running way behind. We didn’t make goal last month and we really need your help. Please. Nearly all our funds for the last two-plus months have gone to vet care for our elderly and special needs bunnies—yet,

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ResQwalk for Zooh Corner

Are you hooked with Pokemon Go like our president and founder, Cat Logsdon?  Why not contribute to rescuing bunnies at the same time? With ResQwalk on your phone, your get-up-and-go attitude will support animal rescues.  Simply download the app, sign

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Rufus’ Emergency Vet Visit

We took our beloved Rufus Poofus Poofington to Exotic Animal Care Center yesterday because he was showing signs of lethargia and no appetite, nystagmus (dizzy, scanning eyes).  The poor man still has a pretty raging UTI. Poor guy!! Because he also

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Rabbit Gregorian Monk Chants

On Sunday, July 17, at Exotic Animal Care Center, please join us when we feature the all-rabbit Gregorian Monk choir.  Our enthusiastic and surprisingly loud rabbits will be singing all of the latest hits, including Kyrie 55, Vatican at lib.

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Rabbit Health Lecture Updates

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at our next Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue health lecture on Sunday, July 17, where the topic will be Enhancing the Quality of Life of Disabled Rabbits. Due to a scheduling conflict, we are not

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Goodbye to Bueller

We are broken-hearted to let you all know that we had to say goodbye to Bueller. I was pretty sure this would be the outcome, but we always have hope and want to try our best for them. I don’t

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Rescued Hotel Bunny

Yesterday, we saw a post on Craigslist, advertising a “Free Bunny”.  The post sounded suspicious and troubling, but we reached out out and rescued this lovely little man.  At first glance he seemed to be in good condition, but after spending

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