Rufus’s Chronic UTI and Fever

13516326_10209618687689199_7057135973556154996_nRufus was brought in to Exotic Animal Care Center today to see our awesome Dr Kanfer, because he was feeling punky. Earlier in the week he spiked a huge fever along with a recurrent UTI.

Fluids and antibiotics and overnight ice packs got his temperature back to normal and a few days later he was on the mend, still on antibiotics and feeling better. Yesterday and today, not so much. I knew it was not the UTI and suspected possible heart issues.

Today, Rufus had blood work, urine culture, radiographs and several small polyps removed from his rectum. His blood work looks great. His radiographs show that his heart is larger than it was and filling most of his chest cavity, and that his lungs look pretty good, though ever so slightly busy. Not shocking with a heart that large and fluids administered today. He also has one slightly mineralized kidney. The mineralisation is worse. To be expected, but certainly not to be pleased with.

Of course I’m a wreck, but we are starting him on another heart medication and, because his attitude is so good, I truly expect it to help and that he will be feeling better in a few weeks. Hopefully, sooner than that! And of course he will get daily supportive care, as always.

We can definitely use donations towards his ER visit today.

Donations can be made directly on our Vet account when they open on Monday – (626)405-1777

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