Big Day at the Vet

13237846_10209380787021831_129407981777902947_nMany bunnies seen today. Elderly bunnies, special needs bunnies. . . Much loved Sanctuary Rabbits!

Who was seen? Baby Jasper, Edwinna Jones, Caramel, Doc Holliday, Floki and Jabba. Whew!

  • Baby Jasper -recheck: abscess site looking good, teeth ok but needing a recheck.
  • Edwinna Jones – Eddie had a basic check-up, blood work, radiographs. She’s about 11 years old. Considering that, she’s looking really good. A little arthritis (very little) and her blood work looks great. Her heart does look a bit enlarged, but nothing to worry about at this time, but she goes back in a month for another radiograph just to make sure nothing is happening there.
  • Caramel – Recheck on her ongoing Dental issues and unresolved abscess. The tiny abscess is still there, the very quiet and not painful. She had a few points and back and those were snipped, her lower front incisors or angle that bit, video forthcoming. She goes back in another month to see how all of that is going.
  • Doc Holliday – Our little hoarder bunny seems to be doing pretty well. A bit of arthritis, but his jaw and teeth look fantastic. Good for you, Doc! He’s about 9 or 10.
  • Floki – He was in for a dental. Those incisors just keep growing and growing and they’re going to need to be removed soon. A little inflammation caused by the upper incisors. Other than that he’s doing great. Photos forthcoming.
  • Jabba UPDATE – Her blood work is looking better today and her breathing is a bit better. She’s eating, but not a ton. We’re not sure what else is going on here, we have to take this one day by day. She’s elderly and we feel her time is short, and then yesterday she crashed and we thought we were going to have to say goodbye—but she rallied. And if they want to try, we try! She went home with her Sanctuary Mama, Susan, and will get much love from Susan, and from her three bunny pals.

I will post information on some of the photos later. I’m still in the parking lot at the clinic and I would like to go home! I’m sure the money is due to comma wouldn’t you? I will also post the bills later this evening. Or perhaps tomorrow morning, there are bunnies waiting at home as well!
We clearly need donations for all these Veterinary visits! :) Donations for today’s visit can please go directly on the account, and of course any amount helps us.

Today’s bills were pretty huge.

TO DONATE – please donate directly on our Veterinary account for 2 days bills

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