Luigi the Lemon

13244647_10209311606772368_6646291323372495954_nLuigi the Lemon (his Mob name) was rescued from the Lancaster Animal Shelter on August 2, 2014.  He was named in memory of two Zooh Corner bunnies, Button Man and Tucker, who came from a rescued group of white Netherlands that Dr Kanfer, Susan, Kevin and Cat collectively referred to as “the little lemons” due to their myriad medical issues and tiny selves.  He found a Zooh Corner Sanctuary home with Jeff and Reagan, and their daughter Keira, who stubbornly insisted that his name is “Lucia”.

When we rescued him, he was underweight, suffering from malnutrition, and rabbit syphilis.  Although the syphilis cleared up quickly with proper treatment, the medication caused additional gastrointestinal issues which required further care.

During his stay with Zooh Corner, Luigi enjoyed all the comforts that a rescued rabbit can receive, including unlimited cuddles and playtime to run around and binky.  His evenings were filled with cuddles and love, where he would spend hours just dozing on his sanctuary mother’s chest, his heartbeat close to hers.

Despite his wonderful life with nothing to want, the Lemon really lived up to his namesake.  He had chronic dental issues which wore down on his appetite.  His necessary tooth trim procedures ended up being close calls, where Luigi had bad reactions to the anesthetics and recovery medicines.

In October of 2015, Luigi developed a head tilt issue, and was unable to walk.  The poor boy rode it out, and with the help of Zooh Corner and Exotic Animal Care Center, Luigi regained his composure and fought it off.

In May of 2016, his weight was dropping at an alarming rate.  He was diagnosed with cancer and was having respiratory issues due to pnemonia.  After a valiant effort, Luigi’s condition began to deteriorate rapidly, and we had to say goodbye to our little lemon.  He left this world peacefully, surrounded by love and in the arms of the person he loved more than anything in this world – his mama, Reagan. If ever there was a Mama’s Boy, Luigi the Lemon was the very definition.

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