Luigi’s Health Issues

13138889_10209251545190866_5674660838451328338_nThese are not one of the days of rescue to which any of us look forward. Our little Lemon is very ill, no matter which side of the coin we flip.

We brought him in today because he had lost weight and was not as active as is normal, because we thought he might be having more dental issues—and because I was worried about how *much more* he was sleeping. I suspected he might be having heart issues, as an already-frail and older bunny that would not have been surprising. I was ready to hear that. I wish that is all we had heard.

To put it plainly, Luigi does have some degree of heart disease, but the larger problem is that he also either has a serious systemic infection or, more likely, cancer. Either way, we are a wreck and devastated – and praying with all our might that by some miracle it is ONLY an infection, a small abscess, and can be cleared up with oral antibiotics and nebulization.

Luigi’s radiographs showed us a hazy chest area, an enlarged and possibly irregular liver (confirmed on ultrasound) and a small mass on his upper left side, below the “arm pit” and, most troubling, directly adjacent to the haziest area of his chest cavity.

We did an aspirate of the mass, hoping for pus (and abscess), but no; the cytology report will be back in a few days, confirming – or not – cancer. Our fear is that this is the reality and that is has metastasized to the liver and lungs.

We were at the vet for HOURS today, there were many tests and we were taking things slowly. He had radiographs, blood work, an ultrasound, dental exam, cytology. It took its toll, poor little one, and despite taking it slowly, pain meds and string feeding while at the clinic, his temp dropped to 97 – so we had to pack him up in a Luigi Heat Burrito to get his temp back up to normal (it took about an hour, which was actually pretty quick!).

But the little Lemon is a trooper! Back home tonight he was eating, self-grooming, and was contentedly munching oaties while being nebulized for the first time!

Now is where you all step in. We will do ALL THAT WE CAN for this tiny little man we all love so very much. We will love him and care for him, around-the-clock, if necessary.

But we cannot do without YOU.

Your prayers and positive energy and love and yes, donations, make all of the difference. Today’s bill was a little over $600, and there are more to come, as we need to recheck radiographs, ultrasound, and blood work to monitor his progress and direct our endeavors.

Luigi lives in a Sanctuary Home with his loving humans, Reagan and Jeff, and his little girl, Keira. I am eternally grateful to them, and to all of our Sanctuary Families, for loving and caring for Zooh Corner’s special little bunnies.

Luigi needs us now. Please. . .help as you can. Donate, pray, share.

It ALL makes a difference.


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