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Big Day at the Vet

Many bunnies seen today. Elderly bunnies, special needs bunnies. . . Much loved Sanctuary Rabbits! Who was seen? Baby Jasper, Edwinna Jones, Caramel, Doc Holliday, Floki and Jabba. Whew! Baby Jasper -recheck: abscess site looking good, teeth ok but needing

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Double Donor June!

It’s that time! JUNE DOUBLE DONOR And BOY can Zooh Corner use it right about now. As I am sure you know, our medical/vet bills have been HUGE over the last six weeks. HUGE. Yet, we still have many other

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Caring for Newborn Baby Rabbits

IF THESE ARE WILD BABIES Wild rabbits hide their nests in plain view, often in the middle of your yard, bushes, etc. If you find a nest that has been disturbed, do the best you can to restore it and

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Goodbye to Luigi the Lemon

It is with a broken heart and many tears that I announce to all those who loved our little Luigi the Lemon – that he had to leave us yesterday. I, and even more-so his Sanctuary mama and daddy, Reagan

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Luigi the Lemon


Luigi the Lemon (his Mob name) was rescued from the Lancaster Animal Shelter on August 2, 2014.  He was named in memory of two Zooh Corner bunnies, Button Man and Tucker, who came from a rescued group of white Netherlands that Dr

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Rabbit Health Lecture May 15

Pasadena CA—Sunday – FREE Rabbit Care Seminar at Exotic Animal Care Center at 2121 East Foothill BlvdPasadena, CA 91107 This is Dr Sarah Wills first talk for Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue and we’re excited to have her! (That’s her in the photo

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Alexander Small Update

Alexander Small is not doing so well. Of course, we are doing everything we can for him, but I feel that his time is limited. Please add him to your prayers, your good thoughts, and send him your love. He

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Baby Jasper Update

  Jasper is healing well. The swelling in his cheek has gone down significantly and he is starting to eat more and more normally. He has a recheck next week. As you can see, he has a good attitude and

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Luigi’s Health Issues

These are not one of the days of rescue to which any of us look forward. Our little Lemon is very ill, no matter which side of the coin we flip. We brought him in today because he had lost

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