Sunday March 20th: GI Stasis and Bloat Seminar.

2016 SeminarsNext week, on Sunday, March 20th from noon – 3pm, Zooh Corner will host its first 2016 rabbit care seminar focusing on GI stasis and bloat. Join us at Exotic Animal Care Center with Dr. Sari Kanfer for this very important lesson in rabbit health.

GI stasis and bloat are both scary to humans and deadly to rabbits. Learn how to recognize stasis and bloat, how they are treated, what you can do at home, and when to seek veterinary help.

While you’re there, why not bring your furry friend and sign up for a $30 healthy pet exam? That’s a savings of over $50, and thanks to the generosity of Dr. Kanfer, all proceeds benefit Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue. All rabbits must come in carriers! Exam slots are limited. Animals who are ill need to be seen during business hours (unless arrangements made prior). Emergencies will be referred to approved exotics veterinarians. Contact Exotic Animal Care Center for all of your exotic pet’s medical needs – 626-405-1777.

Special for GI Stasis and Bloat Seminar!  Emergency kits will be available for purchase.  Prices and details to follow soon!  Please note: exam visit is required to purchase the medical kit.

At this time, we will not be offering the ability to pre-pay for healthy pet exams online. Appointments will be made on a first come, first serve basis, and examinations will take place after the seminar has concluded. Slots are limited and many attendees were unable to access appointments online so in the interest of fairness we will, for the time being, make appointments at the seminar itself. Payments can be made onsite with cash or credit.

We’re also offering $15 spa-style grooming, including brushing, nail trimming, scent gland cleaning. Speak to our volunteers to learn the best tips on keeping your bunny’s fur in tip-top shape!

Are you looking to adopt a bunny? Come meet our rescued bunnies and see if you can give them the loving home they deserve!

The Zooh Store will be on hand with fresh hays, toys, supplies, and goodies for sale.

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