Update from Alexander Small

Image 1From the paw of Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary Rabbit Alexander Small

Hey guys, it’s me again, Smally. Look how much I am eating! Everyone tells me I’m cute. (Achoooo!) Do you think I’m cute? I really do feel better, but as you can see and hear, I am still snorky. I need to go to the vet again this week, but we still owe so much money (the humans that is, not me, I don’t have money, I have oaties) that I’m wondering if you can help just a little bit, with a small donation? I would really appreciate it, ’cause, you know, we just took in another guy, Dopey bunny, who is also really cute (but not as cute as I am!), plus we’re still paying off Tombo and Luigi the Lemon and Thalia and other bunnies’ bills. The humans say any amount is good. Personally, I just want cookies, cilantro and parsley, but the humans, they need money.

Can you help? If you can, here’s how.


  • PayPal zoohcorner@mybunny.org
  • On Vet account (626)405-1777


I mean THANKS!

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